Macelba finally drops Apse Mtima visuals


An appetiser calls for a full meal as Macelba has honoured his fans’ hunger for Apse Mtima video.

The Lilongwe based artist could not wait until the song faded to deliver it in visual. He engaged a team of experts in the visual industry to come up with the product.

Macelba told this publication on Sunday that he has dedicated this week for premiering the video at television stations. It first premiered on Times TV, Monday morning.

Macelba in Apse Mtima video.

“The video link will be available to the public on Friday, so for now they have to enjoy it on TV,” he said.

Apse mtima is one of the songs buzzing in local urban circles. The song title has become the most commonly used phrase in social settings among the youth, during interactions.

Musician cum producer, Janta, who had his hands on the audio, cameos in the video. It was shot both indoors and outdoors.

The team which worked on the video includes Imaan Smice who directed it, Slim Jay and Ghettofiga who shot it, and Essim the producer and editor.



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