Vendors defy Mutharika’s maize export ban

Maize flour

President Peter Mutharika deployed soldiers in Malawi’s borders to stop illegal maize exportation but that move is now being defied with vendors smuggling maize to neighbouring countries using water transport.

Banning maize exports causes food crisis – World Bank

Malawi’s two Islands of Likoma and Chizumulu are now the hub of illegal maize exportation as traders are using the Illala to reach the islands before proceeding to Mozambique, according to reports.

Maize export ban not ‘effective’.

Authorities have since expressed ignorance on the development arguing that the trusted officers from Malawi Defence Force (MDF) are manning the borders to ensure no grain is sold outside the country.

President Mutharika ordered MDF soldiers to patrol border posts as one way of enforcing the ban on maize exportation and ensuring food security in Malawi.

The ban faced criticism from various stakeholders who argued that farmers need competitive markets that can help them sell with better prices for the commodity.

Meanwhile, MDF soldiers are still patrolling Malawi borders to intercept vehicles carrying maize for illegal exportation.

However, farmers are reported to be selling the staple grains to local vendors who are offering low prices that are likely to make the farmers not recoup production costs.