ACB should be independent, says former boss

Lazarus Chakwera

Former Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) director Gustavo Kaliwo has called for the independence of the bureau for it to be working professionally.

Kaliwo’s remarks come at a time when different people in the country are questioning if the bureau is really operating without interference from the President Peter Mutharika administration.

Kaliwo who is also Malawi Congress Party (MCP) secretary general admitted that working for the corruption curbing body is very tough because of the interference but he said it can do its job as expected regardless of effects.

Lazarus Chakwera
Kaliwo: ACB should be free.

“It is not an easy job to do but there is a mechanism and the bureau can only act professionally so if it acts professionally regardless of consequences the job can be done,” he said.

He added by advising people to let the bureau do its intended job saying during his time at the bureau there was professionalism.

“When I worked at the bureau I really was very grateful because of the professionalism of the members of staff. And if they are allowed to do their job without interference they can do their job,” Kaliwo concluded.

People especially members of the opposition have been criticising the way the bureau is operating claiming that it is only being used to victimise government opponents.

Interim President for the People’s Party (PP) Uladi Mussa recently questioned why the body is not acting on the case of former Agriculture Minister George Chaponda who was found with millions in cash in his bedroom saying the money is enough evidence.

Since the seizure of the money, ACB  is yet to say if Chaponda who lost his ministerial post following reports that implicated him in the Zambia maize purchase scandal has a case to answer or not.


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  1. People have talked and talked but it seems the current government is afraid of something that’s why it doesn’t want to make this body independent

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