Macelba reveals plans after Mawa hit song


Lilongwe based hip hop artist Macelba of the Mawa hit has revealed his plans as the public continues to enjoy his hit singles.

The artist has made noise more than the ear can handle, but he does not seem to relax. He has promised his fans more great sounds this year.

Macelba: I have great plans.

He told Malawi24 that he has album plans however that will take time. As such he will be throwing singles in preparation for the collection project.

“Of course I have plans to release an album but as of now people should enjoy the music coming their way,” he said

Born Smart Banda, his next move is a single titled Apse Mtima which will drop on Tuesday. Produced by Janta, it is absolutely a solo project.

Macelba gets credit for mastering the art of rapping in vernacular which is a tall order for most local rappers. His Chichewa wordplay separates him from the rest.

The Area 25 MC has contributed a number of hit songs in the industry. Since the onset of his career, Macelba has collaborated with Malaulo, Nepman and Provoice among others.

The list of his hit songs includes, Chosadziwa, Alamu Anu, Mwalamwala and the trending Mawa featuring Nepman.