MCP’s Msungama starts early campaign

Ulemu Msungama
Ulemu Msungama : Geared for the polls.

Malawi Congress Party’s (MCP) Ulemu Msungama, who successfully challenged the results of the 2014 polls for Lilongwe City South East constituency, has begun to remind people in the constituency to vote for him during the rerun polls.

The Supreme Court of Malawi gave a verdict allowing people in the area to go for fresh polls due to a number of irregularities in the 2014 elections which saw Msungama’s votes being counted as those of Bentley Namasasu who was declared winner.

But meeting his constituents on Thursday Msungama said this time no one can snatch victory from him.

Msungama said he was aware of everything which happened in 2014.

“That is why I fought a big fight because I know what was happening,” he said.

After the meeting, Msungama told a group of journalists that he was happy with the outcome of the court case and the support which he is receiving from various people from within and outside MCP.