African star in Malawi to shoot videos at Sukez’s HD Creations


Growth of Malawi’s visual industry has attracted an international music star who has hired Sukez’s HD Plus Creations for a number of video projects.

Award winning reggae dancehall musician, Buffalo Souljah from Zimbabwe, came to Malawi a few days ago to shoot videos for some of his songs.

In an interview with Malawi24 on Thursday, Chief Executive Officer for the video production company, Gift Sukali popularly known as Sukez, confirmed the news.

Sukez (R) poses with Buffalo Souljah.

“It’s true Buffalo Souljah is here to shoot a couple of videos with HD Plus Creations,” he said

This promises to be a big project considering the calibre of the musician who has trusted Sukez’s services. The award winning producer has been busy on the local scene, with his input being on high demand.

When asked about how he felt to be involved in such a project, Sukez said Malawi has talent worth exporting.

“We have people who recognize our talent from outside. Malawi has talent we can export.”

This is the first time for the Zimbabwean artist to have his music videos produced by a Malawian, let alone a collaboration with Tay Grin.

The projects will largely market Sukez’s name since Buffalo Souljah’s videos mostly feature on major television channels across the continent. Malawi is therefore looking forward to more international stars coming to produce their videos in the country’s by its sons and daughters with expertise in the field.