Habitat for Humanity shelters over 20 households in Salima


Habitat for Humanity (HfH), an international organisation whose main focus is to work with vulnerable groups in as far as the provision of quality shelter is concerned, has constructed over twenty houses in Salima.

HfH media coordinator, Consolata Kambani, told Malawi24 that while the number of the houses might seem significant, there was more need.

Kambani disclosed that her organisation spent about K3.5 million per house translating to over K70 million.

“We built over 20 houses for the underprivileged across the country each and every year, but there is still demand for decent houses,” said Kambani.

Kambani left posing with Kazito and her grandmother at the porch of their new home.

She added: “Our call is to all would-be partners and stakeholders to come in and support our cause.”

According to Kambani, their pride is in seeing the financially disadvantaged have decent homes.

Sarah Kazito, an 8 year-old-girl who is one of the beneficiaries of the project said her life has changed for the better since the construction of the new home.

“Our house used to leak, and we spent sleepless nights which is now a story of the past,” she said.