Fattani Offset Printers workers go on strike

Fattani offset printers

Workers at Fattani Offset Printers in the commercial city of Blantyre are on strike in a bid to force their bosses to hike their salaries and improve their working conditions. According to the workers, they started the strike on Tuesday, January 31.

Fattani offset printers
Fattani offset printers on strike.

When Malawi24 went to the company’s offices, we found the workers throwing papers outside the office premises and chanting songs to their bosses.

One of the workers who asked for anonymity told Malawi24 they have been negotiating with their bosses for a month to do as per their wish but the discussions yielded no fruits.

The employee said that is why they thought of doing something tangible with a reason of forcing their bosses to improve their working conditions and hike their salaries.

The source further added that they are not happy because their bosses treat them in a cruel and inconsiderate manner, something which they want to end.

“We want change it’s high time now. Our salary is not that enough and we have been communicating with the bosses since July last year but the discussions have yielded nothing up to date and that’s why we thought of going on strike. “We now ask the government to intervene on the matter and help us to get better salaries and also work on very good conditions,” said the source.

The development comes weeks after workers at Polypack Limited also went on strike to force their bosses to improve working conditions and increase their salaries to meet the high costs of living.



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  2. I know this guy very well, only his fellow indians are the ones who recives good salaries, I have been with his employers both indians and malawians, he mistreat malawians and favour his fellow indians in everything!

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