Johannesburg mayor sticks to his guns: ‘Foreigners are criminals and must go’

Herman Mashaba

Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba has trashed calls by the South African Home Affairs department to retract his xenophobic remarks against Malawians and other immigrants.

Mashaba has maintained that he stands by his comments that foreigners living in the city are criminals and must go.

Herman Mashaba
Herman Mashaba: Sticks to his guns.

The mayor has claimed that rules must be upheld and respected hence illegal foreigners in the city are not welcome and must leave immediately.

He said people living in the city should have the necessary documents to prove that they are allowed to be in South Africa.

“People who are in our city illegally, whether you are South African or someone from outside, please respect our laws when you are in our city. If you do not we’ll have a challenge. Our law enforcement agencies deal with cases on a daily basis of students being robbed and when they find people, they find them with no papers whatsoever,” he said.

Mashaba also previously claimed that immigrants living in the city illegally and involved in criminal activity would be targeted by law enforcement operations.

Recently Amnesty International also condemned Mashaba saying his remarks are dangerous and divisive.

The international organisation also feared that Mashaba’s comments could incite a wave of xenophobic attacks against Malawians other immigrants across South Africa.



  1. I got some news that mashaba contracted syphillis through amalawian prostitute .. so thats why there is all that anger towards the poor malawians…….. hahahahaha……

  2. Look who is talking. .(Mayor)…He doesn’t even know whom his true parents are. And he had the guts to say foreigners must go. Where are you from? Where are your true parents are from? Do you know your real biological parents? Mayor grow up

  3. Nothing Will Happen Against Our Fellow Malawians In South Africa…I Pray And I Decrare In Jesus Name…No Weapon Of The Devil Formed Against Them Shall Prosper God Z Deir 4 Dem

  4. U got no water in other areas go n help dos plp n no food dos u call foreigners r de ones going n provide der needs.Ma men ur rlly crazy don’t make ur plp n kids to suffer moo dan nw

  5. You can’t sacrifice foreigners all the time, God will punish you , enough of blood sacrificing poor foreigners in your country, aren’t you shame always it’s about foreigners, a well educated mayor but the speech about foreigners, shame on you. We are not Criminals and we are not going anywhere, arrest those commit Crime but leave us alone we are all africans, your kids go and learn schools overseas and other African countries, none of South African has been killed just because he/she is in a foreign land!!

  6. Who are you to call us foreigners……?we are Africas…..our ID iz black skins……an we r battus……go way!!!!

  7. Os Africanos deviam unir se cada vez mais, sem a uniao voltaremos para o passado dos nossos antepassados, Eles perderam todas batalhas devido a desuniao, ja vimos na historia universal quao foram as consquencia da desuniao. Vamos nos unir em toda Africa em torno da UA. imaginemos que ja implementamos a Uniao das Nacoes Africanas como a Europa unida, atraves UE. Se queremos nos organizar nos nossos Paises entao fazermos sem pedofilia, racismo, tribalismo, regionalismo etc. Bem haja unidade das nacoes Africanas!!

  8. This country’ what the no smoking nyaupe drinking bears what is that nonsense don’t make it fool ure self even mayor doghter she sleep with foreigners cause she noise what is light and wrong fuck u bastad u will die with nothing boy we make money here and we fuck enjoying here so what is ure problem young boy

  9. What is mayor his mothers pussy stupid words we don’t care keep say that we will eat them machende this time don’t think we are a fools but we born to respect eish other so if u don’t need that try it and u will see this time this is Africa. Look at him he is white parson all black he don’t have any words to say basted us ure a fool Mr mayor this country’ is fuck tap already not because off foreigners. Ure on people who still here from now on Mr mayor u will dream bad dream antil ure life is fuck tap to hell Mather fucker


  11. Mr mayor you are so foolish.
    Remember you are also a foreigner too,fear of God first.
    You are a bastard man like a village man.

  12. Just try again mind you the world is watching and most countries this time will not toralate this nonsense,you will need help but no country will care.

  13. know ur job mayor than talking something that even doest make sense johansberg we find it full of criminal do. something if u r agood and u know ur job to stop crime in that town don’t forget u was voted by the same people u say they r criminal instead of thanking them u call them criminals

  14. Kwa eni ndi kwa eni kulibe mkuo,munthu sumapangira chitukuko dziko LA eni,mpofunika muganizemozama zisanafike pofuna chithandizo chaboma choti azikakutengani mumaonongetsa chuma cha boma pa zaziii,Malawi is not poor ,but Malawians,tili ndizinthu zambiri zomwe tikhoza kumapanga kumudzi kuno mkumapeza phindo,ntchitonso zomwe mukukakamila ku SA ndizomvetsa chisoni kwambiri,nde chisankho chili ndi inu eniakeno

  15. He didn’t say ‘foreigners are criminals and must go’, it’s better to understand Mashaba in his statement he made in the first place. Mashaba said “illegal migrants have no room Johannesburg” it clearly means undocumented [ those who have no RSA home affairs ‘approved’ documents] migrants,tourists,foreigners,professionals will see and feel Mashaba’s expulsion hurricane force but still local,documented migrants,Government criminals have room in the same city! I have found Mashaba thinking base in tackling ‘criminality’ as a low-yield nuclear bomb. Mashaba should have developed strict elements against criminality in the city,at times Johannesburg law enforcers etc are criminals themselves from taking bribes to involving themselves in high profile crimes and Mashaba knows that even all illegal migrants are flushed out of the City/country, Crime loves Jozi unfortunately so to speak.

  16. This Man is a fool, instead of hates white He is busy with black foreigners, that’s why minister of home affairs told him that government can’t treat illegal foreigners like crimals

  17. The problem is anzathu othawira xool pa window + kunena zoona akuba sizinaoneke , amenewo ndi omwe akuipitsa dzina la ma foreign coz pali ponse ntauni akupezeka

  18. Guys kwayeni kulibe nkuwo tiyeni tiuyambepo apa ulendo wobwerera kumudzi ngakhale as of now its NO 1 the poorest country in the world , bt we can’t refuse its our home land , the warm heart of Africa ” Malawi ” !!

  19. Kkkkkk!this is just amayor’s speech ……….had it been that its apresident we could have put hope and run away …..amayor isa spoon of the president

  20. The mayor is looking for every support from ordinary SA citizens. He is also used by his masters. The poor in mind mayor is a puppet of of the DA. Black people support whites & whites never support blacks whatsoever.

  21. Hey Mr Moyor pliz if your dont setisfy yo wife on sex issues bring her to me,then I ‘ll fuck to hell, coz you might have lot of money, but the thing is yo wife needs money and to be fucked also.Coz yo statement shows that somethin is shorting in bedroom and start becoming engry for foreigners???????if keep talkin like that I’ll be first person to ivorporate.and As group we will start by dealing with SA Drivers in zim our zim an Mlwi Drivers are used to xenophobia.just Try it You will regrate.

  22. When shaka Zulu begun killing his own. Your people took refuge in our countries thus why we have amashangani in Mozambique Ngoni in Malawi . Zezulu in Zimbabwe .most of these you are calling foreigners are your own people. Before you start calling them foreign come and take your sons in our countries.

  23. Ask ur grand who built ur country and ur comoleds where had been hiding from apartheid regime. And let me make clear, (afana sumuzandikwanitsa ndino mithutha ) I’ll go home when I want . imagine if there’s a war where y’ll run to, because 3/4 of ur land is surrounded by water.

  24. Kicking out any illegal immigrants is unavoidable. We as African community should learn to respect the laws and regulations of our countries regarding immigration issues. How can you just enter the other country illegally and expect legal or just treatment!? That’s superstition lol! That’s nonsense. Being an African doesn’t guarantee you to violate laws of our countries.

    1. I’m glad that you understood what the Johannesburg mayor is referring to.I can’t enter Tanzania without papers that allows me to be there. Every land has it laws and those laws need to be respected,simply as that

  25. Africans are good at exaggerating things. Something’s said in a lesser way, in a specific way but reported quiet different with the ill media! I don’t know why this. In a logical way, how can a Mayor stand in public and urge the expelling of all foreigners in the country, including those legally recognized!? We should stop misleading the massive when reporting things. We want the media that unite us, that inform not judging. The responsibility to judge the news should be left to the public, the only responsibility that media have is to inform the public through ethical adherence. Africa’s media have turned other way rkund , forgetting the whole truth and art of conduct.

  26. Malawi 24 incase your journalism is not at its best fire them all, let me make it clear here they were deporting pipo back then and now they are being released bcoz they can’t afford deporting people from left to right and Centre, there is nothing new to us living in the country (SA)

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  28. If you say criminals, it’s not only immigrants even SouthAfricans can be crimminals and remember that every country in

  29. U forget u don’t know the history that before all these deveropment pple of other countries were miners here so what shall we say but aman is not an iland

  30. This is the old and diabolic way of campaigning, because the words that he said are going to cause a lot of death. Mayor your advisor is foolish better change him

  31. Black foreigners to be specific that’s my understanding.You remember the outcome from Human rights organization concerning the Zulu King xenophobic speech? They have the backing from the so called human rights bodies.

  32. South Africa can't do without undocumented immigrants.Most of bonafide Southafricans are just lazy bornes.These so called illegal immigrant have ahuge positive impact on the economy of the country.

  33. Remember ur fellow south Africans r also residing in other countries e.g my country Malawi.we have a lot of them in Lilongwe n Blantyre. So remember ur fucken words mr mayor!!!!??????

  34. Black South Africans are cowards !! Why don’t you chase out the whites who are treating you like dogs in your own motherland? Africa is for blacks and your going against your own brothers who have blown skin like you .shame on you cowards!!

  35. There is a huge difference between legitimate immigrants and illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants are not acceptable else where in the world. I just feel bad that it might not be easy for most malawians to have proper documentation in SA but I am just praying the situation doesn’t get bad since most of our people go to SA because of our poor living standards back home. Yesu amuyendele mkulu ameneyu mwapadeladela

  36. That mayor was young in those days when south africa called for malawians,,,people from zimbabwe and other countries to work in gold mines,now south africa dont want the same people who developed south africa to stay in the country (palowa mbewa) my father came here twice to work in mines in soweto,,what fucken the mayor is saying???

    1. Same as my father he even developed ears problem bcos of drilling machines…..papa may your soul R.I.P while your children n brothers are being discriminated by Herman

    2. Mayor must be joking,,south africa cudnt be like this without foreigners,,after all malawians working to the white people not to the black south africans

  37. Old news zambuyo mwa alendo.mashawa was on etv a day before yesterday denying same fake rumors.Try to write something else he ain’t a home affairs official give Malawians in South Africa a break.Thanks.

  38. The compidle pipo says the mayor is right what is right in this message we r not talking about xool here ngati nkhani sukuyimva bwino pls its better 2 ask rather than going out of message iweyo unapita kuxool what hv kkkkkkkkkkkkkk koma mmalawi sadzathekanso

  39. Spoken like a real idiot. Does he nt go to other countries? And Malawians, Zoms were brought to SA by whites (Cecil Rhodes) long abo b4 even this mayor was born, and most stayed and married esp around Gauteng. This guy may be their offspring! Plse read yr history mayor u may be a foreigner too.

  40. We are here to stay until we feel like going home.As of now just chill.This country is for us all That’s why its called South Africa.No specific name.

  41. Foreigners are found everywhere in the world .SouthAfricans are also found in other country’s are. They criminals?the devel is on u

  42. thats very bad coz we r many here in SA n zimbabweans they r more than 3.5 million who have got the pasports osawerenga odumpha pa bder aja nanga amalawi tilimo oposa 1.5 million nanga odumpha osadindisa can thy manage to chase us ?no thy cant

  43. I dont blame him of wat he said i blame him of how he said as a leader he could say this in a peaceful way am sure if his will won’t be granted. This foolish South Africans Idiots will start Xenophobic attacks coz of this mayor’s hate speach

  44. Lucky Dude was killed here ln S A n senzo meyiwa also was killed others l 4get u wnt to tell me dat peoples ws killed by foreneers dnt talk nonsese u guys wit ur sirry comment n even mr mashaba ur crzy ur alrdy by possition bt u talking like u need the postn there is other southafrican pipo their living other countrys n those country there is climinals u wnt to tell me is those S A pipo dat are doing criminal

    1. to make thing worse all prisons in South Africa are full of South Africans not foreigners WHY? they will say ambout finger prints how are about red handed criminal forget about finger print, the government itself is corrupt but they are busy singing a dirty song with forigners

  45. SA has always been a violent nation in as far as crime rate is concerned even way back before the influx of foreigners.Yes you may arrest and deport them foreigners Mr mayor but if one day things get out of hand within your boarders think of no neighbours.Don’t hide behind your finger Mr man otherwise the very people you are insulting are aiding your economy for peanuts…

  46. Yes you are 100% right sir but before you do that Go to Malawi and take some of your companies like Illovo, STD bank Absa, Lonro,Shoprite Checkers, all hotels which are alongside our beuatiful lake, Pep shop PickNpay , shopprite woolworth, starset Telcom and dont even take power from Kaborabassa dont buy coal and sugar from Zim go and take your people who are almost a million in America Duba Australia Cuba respectvely, South African airway must not go out of your most beautiful county in the world , dont buy cotton tobacco rubber in Malawi , Dont play any game like soccer tv shows with criminals, go and take your ambasadors in criminal countrys, your trucks must not dare to jump the borders of your most beautiful country lastly but not list NOTE that South Africa is milking alot of money in poor states like Malawi comparing to what Malawian are taking from you, eg if 100 Malawians are working at the hotel in South Africa and only 7 South African Hotels are in Malawi in the shore of our beautiful Lake in the world WHO IS MORE BENIFITING THAN OTHER? BECAUSE YOU ARE STUPID YOU WILL SAY 100 ARE BENIFITING- ITS LIKE YOU CHOOSE A BUCKET OF 5 RANDS COINS THAN A SMALL BRIEFCASE FULL OF 100 DOLLAR NOTES Be there Sir to promote love amongs african however any foreigners who is involves in criminal activities there is no need to stand on top of Kilimanjalo Mountain and shout take them to prison

  47. What I Know Is That Home Is Always Best No Matter Hw Poor The Home Is But U Do Live Peacefuly.Just Come Home Coz U Can Sleep Without Any Tense Than There.

  48. I agree with the honorble Herman Mashaba 100 percent, because Johannesburg is the hiding place of wanted criminals from different countries. So he has to clean the city.

    1. Ulibe nzeru iwe umphawi ndi umene wakukulira, ukanakhala ndinzeru ukanapangitsa passport yako nawenso uyende uwone kuti m’maiko anthu akukhala bwanji. Koma zoonadi munthu umachimwadi chifukwa cha umphawi, ndiye zimene ukunenazo sizikusiyana. Anzako akuvutika, kupita kumeneko ku south africa sikufuna koma mavuto ndiye iwe ukutsangalala.

    2. Africans! We Are The Poorest People In The World Yet We Donnt Tire Castigating Each Other. The Same Time We Miss-Use,chinese Are Bussy Building Our Nations. Let Us Learn To Economise Our Time! South Africans-understand That Ur Country Was Developed By Same Foreigners.

  49. we wiil come,but lets wait action to happen so that our dad can release free buses to come,coz i dot want use the few i hve

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  51. South Africans are Morons, bigots, puppets, idiots etc…. I’m organising latest drons, misiles, rockets and air strikes to fuck you all… then Africa will have a fresh South africa.

  52. S.A is now recognised as a richest national here in Africa because of foreigners who work hard for the national to be where it is now, you are lazy thats why you hate foreigners, you are the biggest problems of your country, you are the criminals, most foreigners are progressing in your country while you are busy wasting your time with hating, you can’t progress with that!

  53. But also u malawi 24, plz write nkhani zomwe zingaphuzitse mfuko lamalawi osati izi, kodi mu jons amakhalamo ndi amalawi okha? Bwanji osalemba zopindulitsa, two wks ago munalemba kuti amalawi atulusidwa kulindera ataseva 5month, bwanji ngati sakuwafuna amalawio osawatumiza bwanji, plz stop ignore pipo,

  54. whatever happens to a human,,,,,is what God planned,,,,,, everything has its own time,,,,,,,,we are here until further notice,,,,,,,,

  55. Guys ulendo uno wokha akangoishosha ,nzika iliyonse yaku RSA tizadule ziwalo kuyambira ambassador amene amaimilira kuno. Inu anthu amene mumadula ziwalo za ma albino muzafunikila kudula Ziwalo za azulu.

    1. Unfortunately ur government has no money to deport us home so we will stay until we want to go home infact this country of urs is full of lazy and selfish pipo who doesnt knw how to work yet they thnk they are good at using money thats you will see lots of tsotsi in the street robbing foreigners. Leave foreigners alone instead police must sweep all tsotsiz in the street but blaming us foreigners its just waste of time. Amen

    2. Adam K Kudzala don’t fool yourself, you know that is not true. Our government have money unlike yours, that is why you’ve ran away from your failed state. Your country is a dustbin full of trash that’s why yall are flocking into our country. Fix your failed state and stop being cowards by running into other countries. Our people are not lazy at all, we don’t work for R10 a day we know our labour laws unlike yall. R10 means a lot to yall coz your countries are poor. Continue badmouthing us, you’ll see where that will take you.

    3. Lets agree to disagree man besides i dont work for R10 coz i know how to work u the one u get R10 per wat u do and i know its hard to admit it that u r lazy coz truth hurts. The only way to fix myself is to go back to where i came from leave this corrupt nation of urs and i bet u south africa won’t change even if it means chasing all foregners coz if u thnk ur country is rich its coz of us foregners. Lastly i wud like to ask you to go vist any country wth that you will know wat humanity is, you south africans u r still sleepng you dont knw wat unity is coz u r driven by that apatheid mentally wake up guys this is africa and its for all black and you shud always know and remember that before you became a south african and I malawian we are all belong to one mother africa so stop hating then you will see the way

  56. Thats it,you have haed what this guy said no more room for foreigners.I dont know what about those big names [public fegures] but stil are Malawians.Your enjoying their fruits though you think negative to them.

  57. If they will use police to arrest us they will not afford….i knw these guys so much they like money we wll be here until we want ourself to go back to our countries……but if they will use xenophobia weeeeeeeeee it will b bad soon we wll meet there

  58. aaaaaaaaaaaa!…inenso koma ma ma foreigners ku south Africa ndi amalawi okha apa ukuti bad news to malawians in south Africa?

  59. zimandiwawa kwambili.. kuno amaba ndi anza2wa (nkhanga) ayao nda achewa…ali ntown ya joz. akungoenda miti ili mbulambula..akumayenda ndifut kumatibela maphone ndi ndlma…ndunena pano ine anandibelapo kale pondiophyeza ndifut…..amalankhula chichewa chakulilongwe eeeh these guys alibe umunthu bola atithamangised kuno achewa ndi ayao sianthu guys bola mlomwe msena mtumbuka not agaluawa

    1. mtumbukawe umaonjeza kwambiri kupusa kkk ukabwera kutheba kuno ngat unafikira kuminda ya azungu komweko mtwn mumaopa kubwera airtym kuchita yokugulira abwana ako kamodzi pamwezi. ukalowa mjoz umachita kudziwikiratu kut uyoo mbwenu nde umat asakubere kuvala (wanaumee) ngati ukufuna uxipanga dramma kkkkk just fuck urslf 4tsek

    2. man…ine ndili mu sandton town ya azungu osat town yanuyo zinyalala zimatika ponseponse ngatonso tikumalawi….tsikulina muzasiya polekela akubanu muzaona

  60. This time the world is watching, let them repeat what they did last time, this time most countries won’t toralate this nonsese, you will surely need help but no country will care, just try again this time!

  61. Malawi24 u are useless! !! I can’t use that headline” BAD NEWS FOR MALAWIANS LIVING IN JOHANNESBURG”he said all who don’t have proper papers not only Malawians hv u ever been here before? Johannesburg is our place to enjoy our police here very friendly stop sneaking your noise to make people shivering

  62. Am afraid there are Millions of foreigners not only Malawians who are overstaying in RSA ..and most of them are married with children to SA ladies. ….. Therefore it could’ve been better for the minister just to empower the Department of Home Affairs to open up sites where people can renew their documents and have them on time… Rather than to fuel violence with awkward remarks. .. Crime in SA is committed by both own Citizens and with some foreigners too… But that’s work of the Security forces to catch and arrest everyone committing crime .

  63. Am a foreigner is true but you mayor you are fully of stupidity you should act like person who thinks
    Remember you south African you are full of uneducated people and only for this stupid speech idiots of south Africans now they will bad things to the foreigners don’t is only this country have a foreigners everywhere in world they is #.try to chase foreigners you will fuck the country like Zimbabwe ,
    Foreigners they are not only black people and white people as well they have they own place
    This cannot be a speech of decent people
    You must take out your shop in Malawi otherwise game is on fire

    1. Remember that Malawi need us more than we need them. They can’t close our businesses operating there coz your people will suffer. We cannot also be a safe haven for all Africans in Africa. Why run away from your country instead of building it and establish job opportunities? Fix your own countries and stop being cowards by flocking to other African countries. We also have our own problems to deal with and we cannot run away to other countries.

    2. You are proud of white remember you south African you know nothing that’s why white people they don’t give you job because they know that can happen because your ignorance if I were you I couldn’t even put a comment in this case look at you

    3. we know what is best for us…to go back to our countries it sound nyc but not in that way u call xeno..Enjoy in this world but remembr the day u will die..will take this SA go wth u to grave ?

    4. That’s true my brother this south African they taking us for stupid but they forget that also we have our own country the warm of heart of Africa Malawi

  64. Ine ndimamvera radio komaso kuwonela bwino ndikuzitsata bwino pa Tv.Nkhaniyi kuti muyiwonetsetse yamela mizu pa ndale,Ndizoona anthu wobwerafe atichita ndale ndipo iyi ndiyo imodzi mwa mfundo zomwe ankawuza anthu amunzindawu kuti ndikadzakhala pampando wawu mayor,ndidzasesa atsamunda wose,cholinga kuti anthu anga muzapeze mwawi wantchito.Vuto lili apa ndila …Service Delivery…Munzinda uwu wa Joburg ,,munachuluka ifeyo wobwera,,mulichikhwimbii chamatchona,zinthu zomwe akuti zikuwalepheletsa eni minda kupalira bwino zomela zawo.Mwamaganizo anga ndinawona kuti ..wobwera munzindawu ali ndii zinthu ziwili zomwe akuziyembekezera.!Kuthamangitsidwa,,kapena Kukhalabe koma mumoyo wowawa kwambiri.,zazipepala ndikovuta kuti wobwera wonsewa angapatsidwe zilolezo ,..izi ndizosatheka ndipo sizidzatheka…,,Muliwuze boma lathu kuti nthawi yakwana yoti akhale serious pakukonza chuma kuti mwina anthu angachepeko kuthawa kumudziko..nzochititsa manyazi izi pomwe dziko tilinalo komaso mtsogoleri tilinaye ,,,koma mkumapezeka kuti anthu anthu akumadzisankhila. kukakhala akapolo kudziko lamu Africa momuno,,,,kamba kakuti boma silikupeleka chisamaliro kunzika zake..

  65. Don’t defend yourself you foreigners
    If you are a criminal accept it and take your home road before it’s too late moreover most of you ,you are a illegal in this country
    You should better take your ass home

    1. I can’t blame you, I blame your mother who gave birth a goat, S.A is now recognised as a richest national here in Africa because of foreigners who work hard for the national to be where it is now, you are lazy thats why you hate foreigners, you are the biggest problems of your country, you are the criminals, most foreigners are progressing in your country while you are busy wasting your time with hating, you can’t progress with that!

    2. hy, no need to threat someone..let me gv u this word n u must keep it in ur mind..we r foregners its true just becoz we r here in SA but u must know that even urself u are a foregner in this world..u think u will be alive for ever n ever ?? one day u will leav this country n u won’t take anythng.. everything u will leav thm day is one day God will punish this country serious..

    3. its just a wast of time ti reply comments of this guy calld #Maclonely akungofuna kuoneka ochenjera apa koma nayeso ndi Mmalawi weni weni…akulu mukuyenera kuti mukure osati zachamba zanu mukunenazi…

  66. he did not say all foreigners but illegal immigrants, which mean illegal foreigners….. so stop misleading the public,though the decision is not good for poor Malawi cause its not easy to get proper documents in south africa

    1. Hey Mr Sichone don’t Isolate Malawi only even you Zambians your economy isn’t also just 100% okey Zambia and Malawi Zimbabwe Mozmbq we are all sailing in the same boat why shud you single out Malawi! Just thank the whites from Zimbabwe who are trying their best to help you look like!

  67. Mr mashaba has complained about undocumented illegal immigrants who have hijacked buildings in joburg, as you know every country has its own laws which should be respected all the time.

    1. No they catch both legal and illegal foreigners for example yesterday 5 pm they took about 25 Malawians here at Trawal Cape Town

  68. I hope this guy is following TZ president right now 250 malawian are saving prison due to illegal immigrant as am writting this comment policemen at karonga also searching for illegal Tanzanian to go back so it seems this issue one day will be a serious one less God will be done as to my fellow malawian over there dont leave as u are in home land be focus.

  69. Let Other Countries Retaliate!!! These South Africans Think They Are The Centre Of The World – We Have South Africans In Our Countries Who Can Face The Same Treatment!!! Get It Started, You Will See What Follows!!!

    1. Those South Africans are there legally. Every country have its own laws that must be adhered to. South Africa is not a banana Republic where you can just enter without proper documents and enjoy the benefits. People must have proper legal documents to be in South Africa, if not we will deport you to your home country and come back once you’ve sorted out your papers.

  70. I hope this guy is following TZ president right now 250 malawian are saving prison due to illegal immigrant as am writting this comment policemen at karonga also searching for illegal Tanzanian to go back so it seems this issue one day will be a serious one less God will be done as to my fellow malawian over there dont leave as u are in home land be focus.

  71. I hope this guy is following TZ president right now 250 malawian are saving prison due to illegal immigrant as am writting this comment policemen at karonga also searching for illegal Tanzanian to go back so it seems this issue one day will be a serious one less God will be done as to my fellow malawian over there dont leave as u are in home land be focus.

  72. I hope this guy is following TZ president right now 250 malawian are saving prison due to illegal immigrant as am writting this comment policemen at karonga also searching for illegal Tanzanian to go back so it seems this issue one day will be a serious one less God will be done as to my fellow malawian over there dont leave as u are in home land be focus.

  73. I hope this guy is following TZ president right now 250 malawian are saving prison due to illegal immigrant as am writting this comment policemen at karonga also searching for illegal Tanzanian to go back so it seems this issue one day will be a serious one less God will be done as to my fellow malawian over there dont leave as u are in home land be focus.

  74. Apa palibe kuchitira mwina, koma unthenga wanga kwa inu awulutsi ndi nonse owerenga muwerenge yobu chapter 13 vesi 13,pofela salambula, ngakhale zitavuta bwanji ine ku malawi sindingapite,sete zake zomwe zikupanga dzikolo

  75. I hope this guy is following TZ president right now 250 malawian are saving prison due to illegal immigrant as am writting this comment policemen at karonga also searching for illegal Tanzanian to go back so it seems this issue one day will be a serious one less God will be done as to my fellow malawian over there dont leave as u are in home land be focus.

  76. Nothing will happen ,this mayor was just playing dirty politics & also u must be aware that most of the foreigners here r Zimbabweans,the other issue is most of companies here r owed by so called foreigners as a result it’s too hard to just chase foreigners

    1. Am telling u the truth if u r connected to any government official in SA will tell u,what am saying is fact not opinion ,so believe it or not it’s non of my business

    2. big no mickey…number 1 is zimbabwe…maybe u dnt knw them coz theyre spkng ndebele and u thnk they’re zulu? no thyre zimbabwean shamwali wangu..malaw should be on position 3 no2 is these guys tchangan mozambique

    3. The only reason why Zimbabweans are the most hated foreigners its becoz they compete with the locals.. malawians might not be many in uburn areas but in farms trust me they top the list…

  77. What about your fellow SA in other countries ?this time we shall not allow any xenophobic attack on on foreigners.think about your people in another country enjoying the peace.

    1. wena u call urself #Luyanda do u have proper documents from God coz u also a foregner in this world ? God gives u a free life he never ask any documents from u ..y are u talkng as if u will b alive in world for ever ?? are u the one who creat this country ?? people from SA why u only think about this world ?? u don’t have a time to prays God ?? then u are busy threatng foregners..killing inocent people as if u know hw gv life…Wait n see Powers of almight God one is one day God will punish this SA serious…

  78. It doesn’t amaze me. These guys when they were killing each other during apartheid the so called criminals were working in the mines industry and farms. Building this country called South Africa. Noe they have the audacity to call us thieves…

    1. It is illegals who were busy working developing South Africa in all spheres of the economy. One day the great South Africa will come crashing down becase all foreigners would have gone back. I wish to live to see that day. Bazadlana egoli…

    1. kkkkk inenso ndudabwa naye ameneyu coz ngat akulephera spellings angakhale mchichewa momwe akanene za chizungu? chophunzilira konkunocho kkkkkkk

  79. Kkkkkkkkkkk ine ndili kumafama kulisha ng’ombe or atalusikana chotani sandikumaniza ndatsala wezi ndiweluke ndikaliswe tulo munkhukhu dzanga pheeeeee; kulipulula RAND moyo ukusintha thupi likumela mnofu 2020 woooooooooooooooooooooo ANA ACHEPA AWA TIDYETSANA NJOMBA ZOVUTA;KUSAMBITSANA THUKUTA:

  80. hyee!ndiye mwati xnophobia iyambaso shaa ndimene mnadziwonera ine sindizapitakoso,mnachita kuvula teyala ine ndikuthawa!!!

  81. He is right…chilungamo chiwawa kwa acha zibale athu amatitumizila ma fonife…!! tisaiwale kuti legally to stay in jozi..using only passport ndi 30days..kwinako umaona kuti upanga bwanji…..!! tikulandirani abale fikani ndithu

  82. They will go but one day when the war start in south Africa make sure you run to the sea in durben or just stay there in joz don’t go to the foreigners country and hide

  83. Adm think before you post, maybe english is very difficult to understand.You have got ears, but you dont leasen what others has said.Those people whom you called foreigners, they are your fell Malawian but why to post such ridiculars story?.Malawi is apoorest country and the gvt can not manage, to employee those people who are outside that country. Anyway am just passby and let others also bring their opinions,but shame on you adm for Malawi 24.

  84. Mashaba is scared of foreighners but thats for nonthing,, they are no threat to u mr mashaba……….Your biggest job is to find jobs for southafrican as they do most of the robbings in Jhb central.

  85. Where did u grow u criminal,,,,,,, did yo mother tought u how to respect others despite the differences……Your country is more diverse than many african states,,,,,,,,if u cant see that ur sick…….

  86. Mashabe is behaving like ANAZI. He said both southafricans and foreighn nationals,,,,,,,,Folks thes guy is desparate to ignite xnophobia…. Just ignore him,,,,,,, coz after finishing with the the outsiders he will come for u…… ignore him.

  87. The Mayor Thinks Foreigners Take Food From His Table-this Is Barbarism.We Depend On One Another Just As We Comply To Senses Of Humanity And Dignity…

    Those Who Have Less Senses Think After Actions Like Mr Mashaba.
    Ndipo Anthu Ngati Awa Ndi Omwe Sanapiteko Kunja Kwa Maiko Aanzawo.Akazayenda, Adzadziwa The Gift Of One Another!

    1. Mr baloyi you can not maintain law and order in any country by the phrase “we need each other” there r rules and structures that help in governing any institution wether public, private or faith based and if the subjects being govned dont comply then automatically there will be legal implications…. therefore its good for malawians or other foreigners to obtain required documents before pursuin various ventures of their personal interest in those countries….

    2. Mr baloyi you can not maintain law and order in any country by the phrase “we need each other” there r rules and structures that help in governing any institution wether public, private or faith based and if the subjects being govned dont comply then automatically there will be legal implications…. therefore its good for malawians or other foreigners to obtain required documents before pursuin various ventures of their personal interest in those countries….

    3. We Shldnt Cheat Each Other Here, Surely, Every Country Has Rules, Yes, But Those Rules Are Meant For People.Human Rights Do Not Go Against The ‘Vulnerable’ Group Of People.Same People,’ Malawians Living In RSA’ Help Alot In The Development Of Our Nation..I Respect Them.

  88. Bwerani kuno abale athu tidzidzadyera pamodzi dzikhawo.kwa eni ndi kwa eni kodi bwanji mumakakamira kumeneko? mukufuna Zwelithini akutumbuleni matumbo?

    1. Its not to be personal…. its Law, if u r the mayor what would you do? would you stand for lawlessness in the name of Mercy or would you serve in your office with the required diligence…. i also pray for you to be promoted in a high office where it will require absolute diligence to handle the affairs of men

    1. The fact that they are here without proper documentation is a criminal offence on its own and no country should allow that.I visited Malawi a few times.I always go through customs with my passport.I always make sure I never overstay.

    2. I’m afraid that he’s creating a scenario that will affect him in future too…an illegal immigrant is never a criminal like a murder,I don’t think it’s by choice those illegals want to be like that unless we’re in their shoes & know their stories…

    3. All who say illigal must be deported does not have brains like the mayor on Earth nobody is illigal your greedness is what tells you pple to say so. Africa is for all who live in it

    4. Africa is not a huge jungle. It is a continent made up of independent sovereign states. You can’t just walk into this country without us knowing who you are, where you come from and what is the purpose of your visit.We have every right as a sovereign state to demand those answers from anyone who comes to visit here.

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