Take advantage of music festivals, Malawian artists told


Malawian artists have been told to utilise big shows like Sand Music Festival, Lake of Stars, and Urban Music Party UMP as part of promoting their music at international level.

In the past, Malawian music industry was dominated by local shows with local bands such as Alleluya Band, Zembani Band, Black Missionaries, Armageddon Band and local musicians talking of Lucius Banda, Joseph Nkasa, Charles Nsaku, Thomas Chibade, Mlaka Maliro, Billy Kaunda, Lawrence Mbenjere, Sally Nyundo and Cos Chiwalo.

Pasanje made the call.

From 1990s to this day, Malawian music industry has been changing from local to urban where there is a lot of young people involved and there has been a change in terms of performance; whereas in the past musicians performed using a live band, these days artists use recorded instrumentals during shows.

But one of the local hip hop artists Marcus Pasanje told Malawi24 that most of Malawian musicians do not utilize the chances of the big shows that take place almost every year in the country.

Pasanje, who belong to the well know hip hop group Dare Devils, told this publication that most musicians complain of lack of breakthrough and exposure beyond borders yet there are a lot of famous musicians who have been coming to perform in the country.

“I believe that it is easy for a Malawian artist to go beyond borders, we have seen many international artists coming to Malawi like Busy Signal, Morgan Heritage, Judy Boucher, Diamond, Organized family, Gemini Major, and Nigerian K Cee just to mention a few of which I believe this could be a great chance for a Malawian artist to find a breakthrough by having a collaboration with one of them,” said Pasanje.

He mentioned the likes of Tay Grin, Dan Lu, and Zani Challe who this year featured international artists in their songs as one way of promoting their music beyond borders.

“It is unfortunate that most of these musicians come here to perform but none of the local artists could have a song with such an artist which I believe as musician we are not utilising these big shows,” added Pasanje.

The Joy Radio personality gave an example of Busy Signal who came in the country twice but none of the local artists did a song with him, he also talked of Diamond who came to perform at the Sand Music festival but none of the local artists thought of collaborating with him as part of taking Malawian music beyond boarders.

Meanwhile Malawian music has been described as fast growing in terms of composition as well as video and audio production.



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