New FAM GS hails FMB for sponsoring league

Malawi Army

The newly elected Football Association of Malawi (FAM) General Secretary Gift Alfred Gunda on Saturday spiced the regional FMB under-20 finals at Mkondezi primary school ground in Nkhatabay where he hailed FMB for bankrolling the league.

Speaking after prize presentation, Gunda thanked FMB for sponsoring the trophy which he said is helping nurture talent in Malawi.

Gunda: Hailed FMB

“We are much thankful to FMB for putting much money in the league, we want to give them support as future players are coming from these young players.

“We cannot talk of national team without this young talent from under 20, under 17, and under 15 leagues,” he said.

Gunda recently replaced Sugzo Nyirenda as the top boss at the football governing body.

Representing the sponsor FMB at the match was Victoria Saka who said the bank is happy with the way league is running,

“We are much happy with the league and we as sponsor we are going to continue sponsoring this league,” said Saka who is also an agency manager at FMB Nkhatabay branch.

Other people who attended were Georgina Msowoya the regional sports officer for the north, district sports officer for Nkhatabay and Osward Lungu of National Youth Football Committee.

At the end the game, Malema were crowned as regional champions for the North beating Young heroes by a goal to nil.



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