Malawians asked to have a habit of washing hands

Lindatance Kayuni

People in the country have been told to start developing a habit of washing hands with the aim of reducing cholera and other diseases.

Deputy Mayor of the city of Blantyre Wild Ndipo made the remarks during the commemoration of Global Handwashing Day on Wednesday.

Global Handwashing Day is commemorated on October 15 every year but in Malawi it was observed on Wednesday, October 19 under the theme ‘Let’s make Handwashing a Habit’.

Lindatance Kayuni
Lindatance Kayuni : Has made the call.

The commemoration started with a parade involving pupils from different primary schools in the city and they walked from Clock Tower in Blantyre town to Chichiri primary school grounds where the whole event was finalized.

The deputy mayor told the gathering that it is only a healthy person who can contribute to the development of the country hence the need to develop a habit of washing hands habit which is a result of unhygienic behavior.

“I am very much interested with this year’s world handwashing day commemoration because I know that after this event, a message will be sent to the general public to start washing hands with the aim of reducing some diseases such as cholera, diarrhea, trachoma and others.

“You can see that there are more deaths of people especially pupils due to unhygienic behavior, so, here the message goes to the general public that they better start washing hands with soap whenever they visit the toilet, before eating and after changing diapers for mothers,” said Ndipo.

Speaking at the same event, Lindatance Kayuni who is business development officer at Water for People, an organization that spiced the day said Malawi has experienced many deaths due to unhygienic behavior.

She added that people in the country need to develop the habit of washing hands with the aim of having healthy Malawians who can contribute to the development of the country.

“We are also advising parents to teach their children of the development to have a better Malawi in future and that’s why we involved them in this event,” said Kayuni.



  1. Cholera amathandauza kuti dzikolo ndilaumphawi kulibe chakudya chokwanira,njala ndiyimene imayambisa kolera,osati zosamba mmanja zanuzo,mayiko olemera kulibe cholera(kolera),,,,, pali otsutsa?

  2. Ine nkhani yosamba mmanjayi ndiye imandivuta bwanji! Moti ndikadya kaya ndi mango olo kuchoka ku toilet kumene ndimangopukutira mmutu basi. Kkkkkk

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