Meet Chris Ngalu and his new ‘African Woman design’

Chris Ngalu
Chris Ngalu: Brains behind the designs.

Chris Ngalu, 26, is a fashion designer, tailor, graphic designer and painter. He is into arts and everything that’s in the creative world.

He says he is “African influenced” Ngalu and has a new line called the African Woman design.

“The main aim of this line is to put focus on the African woman, portray her in a way that shows her heritage, confidence and independence.

“We giving her the attention trying to show the world that the African woman is beautiful and she is culturally driven. At the same time we also want to connect with the new African women on how modernity shouldn’t compromise their identity,” he said.

The African Woman design comes in a lot of designs including sweatshirts, hoodies, and T-shirts.

“The line is for both male and female, just that the main focus of the artworks on the designs carries a woman focus. But men and kids will definitely be entered soon,” he says.

Ngalu launched the line in Bloemfontein, South Africa in 2016 and says business has been good.

“It’s already up for sale and was launched in South Africa. And some which males can dress.

One of the designs by Ngalu.
One of the designs by Ngalu.

“It is good so far, a lot of people are supporting the brand… And we getting a lot of recognition, especially international market.

“Just this month we got a feature in the latest Kenyan airways in-flight magazine, so that’s also helping to open a lot of doors internationally.

“Just trying to portray Africa in a way we don’t usually see, when they talk about Africa, what we usually see is safaris and starving kids, so am just trying to put out art that shows how artistic and cool the African culture is,” says Ngalu.

On the challenges he faces in his business, Ngalu singled out capital.

“Sometimes I have like big orders but can’t come through because capital is low,” he says.

One big achievement Ngalu points out in his career is getting invited to showcase at Tshwane Fashion week in South Africa which was a big event.

People can order Ngalu’s designs online through his Instagram page: @creativebase_chris or Facebook: Creative Base Tailoring. Product prices start from K10,000 going up to K30,000



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