Teens arrested for house breaking


Malawi Police officers in Nkhatabay district are keeping in custody two young boys for breaking into the house of a Nkhatabay district hospital nurse and getting away with cash.

ArrestedThe young boys Cylus Phiri 15 and Isaiah Nkhoma 13, on 31 August 2016 broke into the house of Chikondi Chikwapulo at Chikale location whilst the owner was at her work place and stole cash amounting to K195, 000. Nkhatabay Police Public Relations Officer Ignatius Esau confirmed the incident to Malawi24.

When Chikwapulo arrived back home from work at around 18:00 hours, she was surprised to see her clothes that were in the expand bag scattered all over in her bedroom. After thorough checking, she discovered that money amounting to K195, 000 that she left in the expand bag was missing.

The matter was reported to police and investigations into the matter commenced. On 6 September 2016 the two suspects were arrested who upon being interrogated, voluntarily admitted to have entered into the complainant’s house through the window and stole the said cash.

They later revealed to have shared the money with Isaiah Nkhoma getting K102, 000 whilst Cylus Phiri got K93, 000

The two suspects who both comes from Yadinga village, TA Mankhambira in Nkhatabay district will appear in court soon to answer charges of House breaking and theft.



  1. That is little money according to the value of kwacha nowadays.u can keep it in the house.To those boys,they must face a stiffer punishment to learn a lesson that will help them to fear stealing as they grow up.TO Mr Malongo,u have the guts to comment like that coz it was somebody’s money,if it was urs,u could have set them ablaze alive.

  2. That’s wy dere iz banks u cnt kp that such of money in de house, zoziyamba dala jst 4rgive those children’s.

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