Using social media to benefit others: WhatsApp group donates to woman


A Malawian WhatsApp group called “As it is happening” on Wednesday went to Lumbadzi in Lilongwe to donate items and money to a woman who is starving with her triplets after the husband run away.

The group’s purpose is to share news that is just happening and a member of the group posted news that the woman is lacking basic needs with her triplets in Lilongwe.

According to reports, the father of the triplets run away when the woman was only five months pregnant after he heard from doctors that his wife was carrying a gift of twins in her womb.

The husband claimed that he only know one kid and the other one is not his.

Sally Nyundo (In rocks) Tio Kalua, Madalo Kapasule and Chauncy  Jere represented the group.  (Image credit: Dan Mughogho.)
Sally Nyundo (In rocks) Tio Kalua, Madalo Kapasule and Chauncy Jere represented the group. (Image credit: Dan Mughogho.)

By the grace of God, the woman brought forth triplets and not the expected twins. Now the triplets are nine months-old and the woman struggles to provide for them on her own by washing people’s clothes and delivering water for constructions.

After reading the story, the group donated a blanket, clothes for her and some for the kids, rentals for 3 months which is K9,000 and capital amounting to K30,000.

Speaking when receiving the donation, the woman expressed her happiness and gave thanks to the group.

“I don’t know how to thank them, I don’t know these people and they did not know me but I am overwhelmed with how they have organised themselves and reached out to me. May the good Lord bless them all,” said the woman.

Members who represented the group during the donation are Sally Nyundo, his wife Tionge Kalua, Chancy Jere and Madalo Kapasule.

Speaking on behalf of the group Kalua urged the public to embrace a helping spirit.

“There are many people out there who need the little we can manage and these days with technology, it has become easier for people to meet. Let’s use social media for the benefit of our country and not the other way round.

“I would also like to plead with the public that the woman still needs us because without a husband, she has a huge responsibility on her shoulder so let’s continue helping her,” said Kalua.

Administrator of the group Daniel Mughogho said even though the group was formed to share news and events that are just happening, he is very happy that the group has reached to the point of organising itself and helping those in need of help.



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