Peacock Seeds equip Malawian farmers with starter packs

Cooporate affairs Manager Horace Boti addressing farmers before donation

Peacock Seeds on Wednesday distributed Peacock MH30 drought tolerant hybrid maize seeds to over 500 farmers to enable them appreciate the seeds’ potency under irrigation and rain fed production.

The farmers who were delegates to the Farmers Union of Malawi (FUM) Annual Congress included commercial farmers, members of farmers’ cooperatives, small scale farmers and members of Farmers Union at district level.

Speaking in an interview, Peacock Seed Managing Director Felix Jumbe said as a farmer himself he knows how some local farmers hassle to get improved seed varieties especially those under the Peacock Seeds brand.

Cooporate affairs Manager Horace Boti addressing farmers before donation
Cooporate affairs Manager Horace Boti addressing farmers before donation

“Peacock Seeds desires to support farmers who work in cooperatives and are members of FUM and it is our deliberate program to encourage farmers by complimenting their efforts with seed of high quality,” he explained.

Jumbe said the company expect farmers to realize benefits of being in a group and belonging to FUM whilst encouraging adoption of new technologies for better lives saying they exist to create opportunities for wealth creation.

He added that Peacock Seeds are best known on the market for being drought tolerance, disease resistance, and high yielding whilst being adapted in local communities.

One of the beneficiaries, Kiliness Manyozo from Lobi EPA in Dedza District expressed gratitude to Peacock Seeds for the gesture saying it is an indication that the company puts the welfare of local farmers at heart.

Manyozo also quoted bible verse which says, “It is more blessed to give than to receive”.

During the conference, Peacock Seeds also gave farmers discount vouchers which the growers will use to buy Peacock Seeds varieties of cereals and legumes at a discount of up to 10 percent.

Peacock Seeds is a Malawian owned enterprise which is involved in seed growing, processing, and distribution.



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  3. Please dont comment if you never know the Drought tolerant Maize Varieties.MH30,MH26, are one of the best drought tolerant maize varieties.If you want to get more information.Dont hesitate to call Breeders at Chitedze Research Station or Extension Worker near you.For more information call Headquarters of the the department of Research.

    1. ya last season idali iti? idali yina? or else idali yongoyeserela if that is the case apange improve coz simamera or else idali yokhalitsa if you want to hear more inbox me will tell you and am serious or kwathu ndi mbeu simagwirizana may be come n do survey kwa alimi adabzyala

    2. What is see with you is that you have negative altitude with the one giving government seed.
      MH is Malawi Hybrid it is government released seed.All companies in Malawi are promoting government government seed apart from doing there one business.If you go seedco you find MH 26.Panar Seed you find MH18,MH 26 apart from there seed varieties.If you go to PIONER the same.Now peacock company is promoting MH 30 this is a new released hybrid for drought.You need to check germination percentage on your pack before buying to show that it is certified by SSU.seed service union.Otherwise if the seed doesnt germinate then you can consult the SSU and later the company.Meanwhile seed is not in the outlets because it going under the process called Seed Quality Control.Otherwise Mr Jumbe is only helping the government
      Thank you

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