Mikozi Entertainment partners with Dj Shats for the summer

dj decks

Mikozi Entertainment has partnered with Dj Shats in a bid to provide top notch shows this summer.

Well known for hosting big shows in town and unique skills as a producer and influential in the world of cyphers the partnership is geared at elevating party life.

CEO for Mikozi ent, Rapper/entrepreneur Excess confirmed the development to nyasashowbiz

Excess: “Shats, besides being a music producer is one individual that understands music and has full ability to lure people’s attention and entertain them  through his mixes”

dj decks“We have seen Shats showcase his deejaying skills and several events and definately impresses the crowd”

According to Excess, Shats will give his first set under Mikozi ent at Dorvic hotel this saturday from 10 am.

The deal is just for this summer and can later be renewed depending on how both parties are interested in the current terms.

Monetary terms would rather not be put in public but all deejays are paid in percentage form

Shats has been behind Blantyre first gospel cypher, poly cypher among other major contribution to the music industry.

Speaking to nyasashowbiz Shats said “I’m actually humbled by the opportunity that I’ve been given”
 “I take it as a perfect opportunity to showcase my Dj skills that I’ve developed n. Mastered over a long period of time”