Mr President, in Malawi, hyenas exist in both high and low places, arrest them all

Peter Mutharika

In Malawi, just in the past two weeks forty eight people have been arrested.

Sixteen were students from the Chancellor College, the Polytechnic contributed fourteen, and the Kamuzu College of Nursing’s quota was seventeen, all for protesting the thoughtless and cruel fee hike which anyone who enjoyed free or heavily subsidised university education has no moral high ground from which to defend such a burden on other generations.

KCN Demos
KCN Students blocked the roads and burnt tyres.

Unique among the forty eight, sort of the icing on the cake if you want, is the ‘hyena’ man from Nsanje who has shot to overnight fame, or rather to infamy, thanks to an interview he granted the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

One does not have to be a wise man from the east to connect the dots and unearth the overwhelming evidence that all these arrests share a common denominator.

And this is the fact that in all these arrests – under someone’s wise and pragmatic leadership now duly enhanced with a honorary degree; the inept but overzealous Malawi Police have been merely arresting symptoms instead of the leadership grappling with the underlying causes.

Since the question of University Fees is so obvious, and I am hopeful sanity and unselfishness will soon prevail among our pharaohs whose children are mostly educated abroad with our taxes, my focus is on other things cultural and criminal yet to be arrested.

My cultural entry point is the ‘hyena’ man who has been de-virginising our girls under the archaic and disgusting tradition of kuchotsa fumbi.

Talking to the BBC…. sorry, scrap that; gloating to the BBC, he claimed to have had 279 virgins at his disposal, without any protection whatsoever, all in the name of ‘preserving our culture and traditions’.

He even went further to insult all of humanity that all the girls that suffered this indignity were grateful; congratulating him the morning after, because he had taken them to ‘heaven and back’ with his wizardry.

What a psychopath!

Custodians, the supposed custodians of our culture are traditional chiefs. And chiefs, whenever a president or any political leader comes calling in their yards, always have long wish lists for the general public plus a deep begging bowl for their greedy selves.

The last recorded and televised interaction between a president of the Republic and a chief, was at TA Kabudula’s elevation. The Chief made a speech, and the president also had his turn.

Peter Mutharika
Get cautioned Mr President.

I do not want to bore you to death with the mundane stuff that passed for ‘speeches’, I will just get straight to the point.

Anyone who has watched the BBC Video clip featuring the ‘hyena’, and happened to listen to President Arthur Peter Mutharika’s advice for the newly elevated chief, now understands the folly of electing, with all due respect, matchona – never mind how seemingly educated – to govern Malawi.

The president’s crucial advice to the new Chief, to deliver which costed us tax-payers millions ferrying him and his hangers-on to Kabudula’s headquarters for the function, was that the new chief should bar the opposition from conducting rallies in his area.

That was all. Yes, that was the developmental advice that his emptiness delivered to the newly elevated chief.

That nonsense Ladies and Gentlemen, was what our esteemed citizen number one considered presidential advice.

Come on Mr President, you can’t be serious!

You mean, someone from London comes to Malawi, tracks down an HIV positive fella having raw sex with maidens, manages to interview him, and identifies our culture as the culprit; and you Sir, leave the State House – surrounded by thousands of security agents who should be safeguarding albinos, us and our property – arrive at Kabudula Headquarters to elevate yet another custodian of our culture, and all you are worried about is the opposition coming to conduct a rally after your departure?

Is everything fine upstairs Sir?

This may sound rude, but I have to ask: apart from what this President may have read on Wikipedia, how much does he really know about us?

The point being, with that clip making rounds on mainstream and social media, with that hyena man making us all look like the fools we are to all English-speaking people in world, with you Sir having your respect dented because some people out there are not ruling out the distant possibility that at some point or another, you too may have happily “served” as a hyena; all you can advise a Chief is to chase away the opposition?

Let’s face it my colleagues, if his excellency really knew us, he would have known that Chiefs – with respect to:

• challenges like abuse of girls and women,

• the many instances of girls dropping out of school to get married to older men,

• issues of girls becoming mothers at the age of twelve,

• the sick practice of property grabbing,

• the ordeal of rape victims being afraid to come out; and

• other archaic customs and traditions they lord over,

are the biggest part of the problem.

Therefore granted an opportunity to address a chief, any one who really knows Malawians, would worry about the real issues above, and not an opposition rally happening in his wake.

Lest I too be accused of arresting the symptom of a more deep-rooted ailment rather than the cause, I will go on to add that the underlying cause of where we are, lies in the way we choose leaders from councillors to parliamentarians to presidents, who then have the prerogative of appointing a whole lot of incompetents as ministers, heads of parastatals including the university council – the manufacturers of the current university fees crisis.

Eric Aniva Malawi HIV positive man given K2000 to sleep with children
‘Hyena’ Eric Aniva now arrested.

The day we learn and start thinking more patriotically, as opposed to nepotistically in our choices, is the day Malawi will shift from that grouping of poorest countries, which – apart from Malawi- the rest have been under civil strife or some other calamity.

To conclude, arresting the students will not make them afford the university fees. No.

Locking up the one ‘hyena’ will not protect our maidens from HIV and other STIs the hyenas carry and spread. Nope.

Our problems, shame and disgrace will only end the day we begin separating the sheep from the hyenas in our midst when electing leaders, at all levels.

And lest we forget, the cashgate ‘hyenas’ being shielded by His Excellency ought to have been the ones arrested in these past two weeks, and not the students.

Fact is: as opposed to the wild hyena-men hunt which his excellency has commissioned, to be complimented soon with legislation, for the cashgate “hyenas” that he is breeding, wining and dining with, we already have laws in place that make stealing from the public purse a crime.

We have an institution- the ACB – that is supposed to quickly bring the cash gate hyenas to book, but yet, but yet, the Auditor General’s MK236 million report is now gathering dust.

My parting question therefore is: with respect to this new piece of legislation that the president is talking about, what purpose is it going to serve when the MK236 billion Cashgate investigation has more than proved that the president lacks the backbone to tackle law breakers?

I rest my case.



  1. pamtumbo panu apeter ife ayao sitingasiye kuvinila anawathu, ndipo tivinilaso chakachamawa, bwanji inu simukusiya mulakho walomwe, zausilu basi kutiona kupusachani ndifeso amalawi ndipo iweyo peter pasumbuwako

  2. Mr presdent you need to tell the people whas goıng on because you arrestıng people who done nothıng but to know wha ıs happenıng and they have bud records now for theır rıght to educatıon.

  3. hmmm musamadzimbitse mtima nzopusa nkona mumasiya akazi zaka 5 anthu nkumawanyenga koma nkumanga nyumba ya zipinda ziwiri ya zidina basi

  4. Ndipo kutukwana koteroko zingoonetseratu chithunzi cha zomwe umachita kwanu, Ine sindingabwezere kutukwana Mwaumve chonchi becz, I was not born in such away . Iwe uyenera kutukwana becz ndi Mwambo wamakolo ako, koma ukuziyalutsa chifukwa chikhalidwe chopusa chakwanuchi sungachibweretse poyera ngati apa. Mwayaluka achimwene.

  5. Mr president forgive them thy hve really taken unproper procedure but thy r fighting for their ‘right’which ĺl assist the whole country.anymata u´would wait fr feedback bcz 5 dyz z not over rather thn this.

  6. They do not deserve to be arrested, freedom of expression. it’s our dufft MPs who make decisions as if they are foreigners. Don’t you see how we struggling. High taxation, Low minimum wage, food shortage, You are currently making life impossible for an average malawian. For this nation to change for better, we try to put every politician on minimum wage.

  7. I can see that, there are some other Village mongans who doesn’t know how UNIMA loans goes about, they are thinking that they do consider each and every student, they are forgeting that, the same Loans that, this FOOLISH president is promising to offer to students, they even Left those Needy students, SHIT to you un UNIMA people whom do not even follow the UNIMA issues, together with ur SHIT president!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Ndathokoza che Richard, pozindikira kutiine ndi stupid God bless you my brother, sleep well and I wish you all the best. Thanks a lot bro.

  9. Ndatopa kuyankha mafunso aanthu Opusa ine, I want to sleep ,please let me sleep, that stupid question go and ask Others not me, Oky ?

  10. Indeed ,mbale wanga Henderson Hara, wt you are talking it is true , ndipo Dziko LA Malawi ndilodzadza ndi Umbuli wazaoneni. Eee ! Anta.

  11. Mwayi wa Loans musauchitire ziphuphutu! Ifetu 1985 ndiye amene tinayamba kupeleka Contribution ( k200) koma lero mwaisandutsa FEES! Ndiye ndibwerezanso kuti mwayi ufikire aliyense wosowa komanso makampani tamalembani ganyo anyamatawa paholide! Aboma tawalamulani azitola anyamatawa paholide azikaphunzira zantchito zawo. Kodi zinatha zimenezija eti. Atokananawo makampani awowo? Muwauze afune asafune aziwalemba maganyo! Iya!

  12. unima students thank the president APM and the university council for the promise of offering loans to needy students. and they are not doubting that even the #unimafeeswillfall. how big the loan coffers are, to students and parents it’s not an issue but thd issue is #unimafeesmustfall that’s all.

  13. “Stupid” will carry us no where. State house is the house of the first citizen who needs to assist every citizen cordially. BUT its not a permanent position!

  14. Sometimes I wonder if our President is really a professor of law. His decisions and the way he speaks leaves a lot to be desired. I think Bakili Muluzi was more of ascholar than him. How did we elect this man to be our leader. What qualities qualifies him to be the President. I for one finds none. We need to wake up otherwise this man will make us malawians a laughing stock in the region if not in the whole world.

  15. Well done Mr President, u’re really perfect on ur position and you have to continue arresting everyone who is against you,especially the stupid students in the colleges because they are full of shit together with stupid man Chakwera, he is really stupid this one, hahahaha . Ine kumtimaku nde mbeeee ! Usiru wadyamanja utupire mnope kwabazi , atawidwe, osopewenewo, akatendaga Makani kwaambudye mwenye, amla ! Yamanyi kkkkk, uwe tupesire.

    1. You know who is stupid? The one who politicise everything.Remember Chakwera is not just an opposition President he is also a Citizen and a father of some of the students.Who is stupid is your stupid President who don’t want to listen thinking that he knows it all that is stupid mentality

    2. thinking stratigic is lacking in your so called president of mw coz alot of us are facing numerous created problems and yet someone is standing on top of antihill supporting these robbers of dpp think twice

    3. Mwedyo mkuliona mpera mmalisyisye kapena ampele silingwa chifukwa mwina sunapite ku univesity mwina olo ndi m’bale wako sanapiteko ndichifukwa ukuyakhula mokhuta chonchi kupusa eti ngati nkhani sikukukhuza ngagamba kugala mukamwako uli

    4. choka iwe, ukuona gati oyamba kupita ku univesity ndi iwe? awachita bwino kumene akapezekanso ine ajatidwanso.

    5. Dude, next tym better reserve your comments……so in your insane thnking, “fees must fall” claim was a stupid protest? Explain to the public how you wanted the students to voice their concern.

    6. Wasted sperms>(Evance and Bambo Noah), i dont care who u r, I looks like ku xul yaku Kachenjede simunapiteko or palibile2 wakwanu amene anapitako,shame on u alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  16. Mixture story hyena and protesters. Protesters are Nationwide while hyenas are in Southern region only. Arresting pple is not a solution. Addressing the factor causing protest is the answer. Govt has no money. Ok fine we understand. Why can’t u understand as well that pple have no money. Are u enjoying arrest pple? What solution is in arresting pple. When yo term is finish are u going to keep arresting them. Poor my fellow Malawian arrested for fighting for right to education. What kind of silly crime is this? Education right crime. Nanga ana alakwitsa monga munthu wamkuru banji osawongola. Wrong and wrong will take us nowhere.

  17. Folks, this aniva man has been around doing his dastardly deed for decades…in fact he did give two or three interviews to local media before. Now that he has given an interview to global coverage and highly reputable BBC, we are all – including a whole President – up in arms baying for his flesh and blood! Its the height of folly.
    What is wrong and should be tackled first – is the culture. we have been handling this with kid gloves and now the whole world is laughing at us. The gravity of the issue has at least now dawned upon us. Lets take action on ourselves, and our psyches and culture – Not Aniva the scapegoat.

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