Unemployment bites Malawians hard

Golden Peacock

…thousands flock to Golden Peacock in search of jobs

Hundreds of job seekers have flocked Golden Peacock hotel in Lilongwe in search of jobs after the hotel carried an advert that it wanted workers to join its team.

Golden Peacock
Golden Peacock thronged.

A picture that Malawi24 has seen shows queues of people lining up to sell themselves to the employer, a strong statement of the desperation that job seekers in the country are faced with.

Unemployment conditions in Malawi have remained high and there has been no considerable efforts by government to alleviate the situation.

Most Malawians are either trapped in the unemployment bubble or they travel to riskier places such as South Africa where they are met with xenophobic violence and sexual abuse.



  1. Amalawi why don’t you find something to improy yourself rather depending on government to give you job opportunity. Plz just do anything that can provide your living

  2. Searching for a job or going for an interview doesn’t mean you’re unemployed. It’s a matter of searching for a greener pasture. Enawo are employed already. And unemployment is a global issue, palibe news apa

  3. Ooh! Cry MY beloved country. MALAWI,why did you divorce me ( Britain) as your husband yet you still need me in times of trouble?What is your present husband doing now?NOTHING,just sleeping and begging. You are now the poorest wife in the world but remember,my children should not suffer and that’s why I support you.Without me ( Britain) there is no budget. I still love you. Can I come back for the sake of kids.

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