Muslim organisation rescues Nkhotakota communities

Muslim Donation

An Islamic charity organisation known as Alkahaf Islamic Development Foundation (AIDF) has donated various items to people who were hit by floods in Nkhotakota district.

Speaking during the donation ceremony that took place in Traditional Authorities Mwadzama, Malengachanzi and Mphonde separately, the chairperson of the organisation Osman Chunga said AIDF was established to help needy people in various ways.

Muslim Donation
Chunga (C) hands over some of the items to the people.

Chunga proceeded by saying that the area of Traditional Malengachanzi is going to benefit much compared to areas of Traditional Authorities Mphonde and Mwadzama because statistics show that the floods destroyed a lot of houses and farm crops in the area.

He also assured that the organisation does not consider religious backgrounds of people when helping them.

“We help all people who are in need of help disregarding either they are Christians or Muslims,” said Chunga.

In her remarks, Traditional Authority Mwadzama commended the organisation for the donation.

“In the past few months floods affected some families in my area and this donation will atleast alleviate their challenges. You can’t donate to all needy families but for the role that you have played, I say thank you,” said Chief Mwadzama.

One of the beneficiaries Dija Laisi said she is happy to be included since she was stuck because her maize field was washed away by heavy rains in the past maize growing season.

“I am crippled but my children cultivated maize during past growing season but all was flooded away, this donation has indeed come in good time,” said Mrs Laisi.

The donation benefited 85 flood victims in all Traditional Authorities of Mwadzama, Malengachanzi and Mphonde.

Items that were donated are maize flour, sugar, salt, plastic buckets and beans.



  1. Ndakunyadirani inu asilamu ndipo ndilowa chisilamu lero lomwe

  2. Keep it up Muslims,all the Holly Books Qur’an and Bible teaches us the same u r doing. May Almighty Allah bless u and all the Muslims across the Global. Aameeen

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