The music journey continues for Kelvin Sings

Kelvin Sings

Fresh from claiming a K3 million worth vehicle in the E-wallet talent show which reached a comma last Sunday, Kelvin Sings gears up for a series of studio sessions ahead of his debut studio album next year.

Born Kelvin Zalimba, the Blantyre based singer cannot call it a break in music as he will be dropping a single next week. With his voice still strong despite restless days and nights in preparation for E-wallet shows, he promises to come stronger.

Kelvin Sings
Kelvin Sings on a blossoming music career.

Speaking to Malawi24 a day after his historic moment, Kelvin said he will continue making use of his sweet voice for its intended purpose, music. The Chilomoni resident loves and lives music making divorce for a while a mission impossible.

“I am working on an EP right now, an album next year, and I will probably be dropping a new single next week,” said Kelvin.

The artist’s name was not alien to the local urban music industry before he joined the talent show. If his triumph is anything to go by, one can only argue that it has helped in making him more famous.

Zalimba’s angelic voice has made it hard for local music giants to avoid collaborating with him. Late last year he was featured on Barry One’s song entitled Tingololerana produced by none other than Percy Proper Manyozo. His voice on the chorus made the song quite outstanding among other releases of 2015.

The lad has undeniably been an artist to follow on, with his few songs on the site getting massive downloads. Although he kept more details of his major projects under wraps, the fact that Kelvin Sings means business when it comes to music makes the inference that they are going to be blockbusters logical.

Just like one of the judges for the E-wallet talent show Dumisani Mfune said, Kelvin’s voice is original that he cannot have problems recording him. The youthful singer is indeed a rare breed.



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