Swam trustee Khamisa laid to rest


Thousands of football lovers gathered at Misesa in Blantyre on Monday to pay their last respects to Peter Ishmael Khamisa who until his death was Sports Writers Association (Swam) trustee.

Khamisa, who also served as Football Association of Malawi ( FAM) general secretary, died in a motorcycle accident.

ripSwam President, Peter Kanjere said that it will not be an easy task to replace Khamisa because he believed in Swam when some people doubted the organisation.

“It will be a herculean task to replace him, for while others chose to doubt Swam, he opted to believe in Swam,” said Kanjere.

Meanwhile, his death now leaves Phillip Madinga, Lester Chisale, Aladin Osman, Gracian Tukula and Anthony Kasunda as Swam trustees.

The Swam president said his association approached Khamisa to be part of Swam body of trustees in 2013 after realising his wealth of experience.

He added that what struck Swam was humility to entertain nobodies like them and Khamisa agreed to be part of the Swam board of trustees.

Khamisa once played for Wanderers where he also served as an official. In the 1970’s and 80’s he worked as Malawi national team manager.



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