Malawi Police spending sleepless nights

Malawi Police riot vehicle

Malawi Police have confirmed they are hunting for some kidnappers who are believed to have been abducting children across the country to use them as sex agents and robbers.

Information sourced from Police headquarters in Lilongwe indicates that the thugs are currently hard to nab but investigations are underway.

Police spokesperson Kingsley Dandaula told Malawi24 that they knew about the thugs after a certain child was rescued from them by Eye of the Child organization.

Malawi Police riot vehicle

A group of about ten girls were also recently rescued by villagers near Nthungwa woodland where some men were leading them to unknown destination.

Malawi24 understands that the reported thugs are mostly targeting women, girls and children because they are deemed useable in various ways including turning them into prostitutes outside the country.

Commenting on the issue, minister of gender children and social welfare Patricia Kaliati warned masterminds of such acts that “once caught they will face the long arm of the law.”

This comes amid reports that a certain group of criminals has spread across the northern region such that two men have already faced their brutalities.

In Mzuzu, 19 year old James Mzumara met the criminals at Chibavi primary school ground where he managed to escape after being beaten severely. On the other hand, Pirilani Soko, 22, told Malawi24 that he met a group of more than eight pangs-wielding men at Lunyangwa River who left him in a coma.

“I was coming from Mzuzu central hospital around 8 o’clock. Upon reaching Lunyangwa River I found about 9 men with panga knives wearing masks. Before I could scream they injured me that I realized I was at the same hospital the next morning,” he said.




  1. pitirizani ntchito yanu apolisi,,we are proud of you

  2. Gyz lets work hand in hand to disolve dis …..

  3. @ Susie U Mean The Police Officers Ur Azilonda? Hw Dare Ur U Woman? Palinso Nkhani Apa Yoti Tiwanyozere Apolice Apa? Munthu Omvetsa Chisoni Iwe Mphonongolo Zili Bii Sasamba Sambira Mwana Wane Ukaone BT! Chindere! Ngati Ali Alonda Then Iwe Ukhale Hule!

  4. Citizens should cooperate with police. Children dont just vanish. Community watch and neighborhood watch should be vigilant. It could your or my child one day!!!!

  5. Customs duty at Mwanza border too much.we failing to make profit on jigies,cooking oil and fusion.

  6. Uc now,Akugwira yathangata but timalipiro take change chenicheni,Pomwe ena akungopha tulo koma ndalama phwamwamwa kuchita pillow ok 5n God z watching.No risk allowance eeeishiiiiiiiii

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  8. Guyx dnt blame these police people….bt teach them how 2 live n do tha ryt thngx…God help Them 2 cary out their tasks wth honesty….N protect the youthx cz they dont deserv it.

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  10. If boko haram were in Malawi, Malawi could have been history by now, just imagine, our Police can’t teach moral values to mere youth gang and now poorly organised and armed robbers are gíving them headache, More over, some of these robbers are people their know

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