Govt appreciates initiatives that economically empower people

Early Childhood Development

The Malawi Government says it values initiatives that economically empower people at village level because they help reduce urbanisation in the country.

Early Childhood Development
Govt applauds initiatives in the villages. (Photo Courtesy: Michael Bisceglie

Director of rural development in the ministry of local government and rural development Emmanuel Bambe said in the last 15 years many people have been migrating to cities like Lilongwe due to lack of economic activities in their areas.

He commended the Millennium Village for enhancing development at village level through irrigation farming which can help reverse the trend.

For a long time people have been moving from their villages to cities to seek greener pastures because there was little to do in their villages.

Now that government is encouraging people to use whatever resource they have in their local areas like water for irrigation farming, most people’s lives have been changed for the better as they are able to have cash and food.

One of the farmers in the area of Senior Chief Mulumbe in Zomba district Juwawo Deya said irrigation farming has helped them a lot and they are now able to have money and food through the Millennium Village initiative.

Deya also said that they have no thoughts of going to cities to seek greener pastures as they are content in their villages.



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