Environmental mismanagement costing Malawi billions

Yona Kamphale
Yona Kamphale
Kamphale: Urges Malawians to protect the environment.

Malawi is losing K106 billion Kwacha (about $190 million) annually due to excessive cutting down of trees according to a report by the ministry of natural resources, energy and mining.

The report is titled ‘The economic valuation of sustainable natural resources used in Malawi’ and it reveals the extent to which environmental mismanagement is affecting the country.

Commenting on the issue director of development planning in the ministry of finance and economic planning Yona Kamphale said the current poverty levels can be reduced by 10 percent if Malawi manages the environment well.

“There is clear evidence that unsustainable natural resource management is leading to the increase of poverty levels in Malawi,” said Kamphale.

He said that the unnecessary cutting down of trees has also hit the agriculture sector hard.

Kamphale gave an example of charcoal burning from protected areas like Dzalanyama forest.



  1. Why has this happen so much in southern and central region the north its not much so Govt should make plan people must be forced by their chiefs and villagehead to plant the trees its not not too late in three to four years time you will see a change! Yes we Can!

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