Police officers lose jobs over Bushiri’s ‘triumphant entry’ into Mzuzu

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

It was designed to rival the entry of Christ into Jerusalem, only his entry was supposed to be a step higher with a convoy, security and a police band so as to shut down all his critics in light of his controversial iPad gate prophecy and the walk-in-the-air stunt.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri
Bushiri (waving): ‘man of God’ puts the police he hired for his protection in jeopardy

Local media in the country has reported that however the entry into Mzuzu of the flamboyant pastor, Mr. Shepherd Bushiri, whose video of air walking has been labelled trash by the British tabloid paper Metro has seen the entire executive of the police in Mzuzu lose their jobs.

According to the report, Police Inspector General Lexten Kachama has instructed three top police bosses to leave their offices in the Police executive of the North for other duties for according Bushiri a Presidential accompaniment when he was in the country over the weekend.

Despite that the Police have attempted to make the shifts normal, the reports have said that it is on the deployment of all Police departments to give protection to Bushiri’s highly rated crusade which was the first in the country in a long time after the self-annointed man of God relocated to South Africa.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri
Bushiri heavily guarded by police officers rather than the Holy Spirit

The published reports have disclosed that all the three top officers in the Northern region have been fired from their posts and compensated with new ones that do not carry the same glory as their previous posts.

Commissioner of Police for the North Stach Maundala has since lost that post and will be relocating to Lilongwe where he will become head of the Audit and Inspection Department. His deputy Foster Mangani has been relieved of his duties and ordered to assume the role of commandant in Zomba. The director of operations Alex Masina has been ordered to relocate to Mzimba Police.

Meanwhile, it is not known what will happen to Police IG who is said to have ordered that Police band be part of Bushiri’s parade.

To add swagger to his return to the country where he started his ministry, Bushiri hired a jet and police apart from stunts he pulled to raise his credibility.




  2. SHEPHERED BUSHIRI IS SIMON THE SORCERER AND HE IS USING HIGHEST LEVEL OF METAPHYSICS AND SOLIDIFYING THE AIR BY THE POWER OF SUB-LEVITATION AND BI-LOCATION TRICKS,MOVING OBJECTS FROM THE DISTANCE AND ALSO USING DIVINATION TO DRAW MUCH CROWED AND MUCH GAIN LIKE THAT GIRL IN ACTS 16.SO HE IS SIMON THE SOCERER THE GREAT ONE WHICH IS BEING TRANSLATED”MAJOR ONE”.THIS IS WHAT GOD HAS REVEALED TO ME WHEN I WAS PRAYING AND SEEKING TO KNOW THE TRUTH WITH ALL MY HEART.”But there was a certain man, called Simon, which beforetime in the same city used sorcery, and bewitched the people of Samaria, giving out that himself was some great one: to whom they all gave heed, from the least to the greatest, saying, This man is the great power of God.” (Acts 8:9-10).

  3. guyz who can tell me in the days of jesus christ did he walk with bodyguards, wy these fake prophets doing dis? that means there is no holy spirit in him, chargement of god is coming soon brothers & sister’s pent now

  4. Ask the officers if they really knew they were protecting Bushiri, even those who signed it don’t know who did it though it is their signatures appearing, works of the devil and his angels. Mmaso mwanu mwamatidwa phula ndipo chingakhale muona koma simuzindikira kanthu………Owerengawe khala maso!!

  5. I thought Pharisees and Sadducees existed only in the past but even now they are here am shocked, and they are even worse than those who crucified Jesus, I believe these ones they can even burn up the prophets of God ey!!!!!!!!!

  6. Jesus Christ was God incarnate. Prophet Bushiri is a human being. Jesus died at his appointed time .Leave God’s prophet alone, when Christ was on earth and did so many miracles the people said he is a demon.Can demon cast out demons.Some of you very people who are talking negative things about him are going to need him to work miracle in your life. Remember Christ died not do one miracle in his home town. A king does not have honor in his own country. The pope came to America and did not move for once without police protection. God is using the prophet to clean up all that is not of God. Be careful just like the forty two children who mocked and jeered Elijah and God send the two she bears to devour them be careful a worse thing come upon you. Seek the Lord while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near. Forsake your evil ways.Christ will forgive your sins.

  7. Tell me, why is that all prophets of ours ( Malawi ) they stay in SA. Does Malawi need not any prophet? Something big ??????? His name now I’d Shamma Christ Bushiri. Wake up people, another Christ?? Cling to your Bible in regard to its validity and oby the word, and not one of you will be lost.

  8. Prophecy is a hard topic to gate, though God has revealed for us in the bible. We can only know whether Bushiri and other prophets around the globe are from God or not.


  10. When its Bushiri hiring security he becomes a fake man of God and yet your pastors, bishops have big gates and watchmen guiding them why is it so? Why do you employ watchmen around church premises chosecho your churches are true and christians Don need any security according to your thinking?

  11. makamaka wankulu ndiyemwe ali nkati osati ali kunja sitikuweruza chitetezo chosenchi bwanji anthunu maso kwamlungu ndiatumiki otchepa amene mlungu akuwagwiritsa ntchito tisamale

  12. you don’t know what you’re talking about if you know nothing th about it be silent. let’s look about Jesus he could move with a lot of people what r you trying to say

  13. Vuto ndi umbuli wazitsoleri anthu…Dey thnk dat he’l run presidential candidate…In nigeria gvt set law each tym they welcom grt man of god do offer convoy+polices for security..Evn in zambia

  14. as far as am concerned the same people who sayed Joseph was a foolish dreamer and tryed to kiill were the same people who knelt down before Joseph begging for Food, surely some of you here you shall come to ask for spiritual help from this man Mark my words. PROPHET BUSHIRI IS A TRUE MAJOR PROPHET OF OUR GENERATION…..TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. nt lying brother this man z indeed major 1,,,,ndmafna titkmana symon,,,

  15. Ndilindira tsikulo,ena adzathawa podzawona yesu akutsika m’mitambo poti mphamvu take adayikana,ndangodutsamo sindina loze munthu chala kkkk

  16. Si ndikufuna kuchimwa! Koma Munthu uyuyu akundidabwitsa! Anyways, tili masiku otsiliza tichenjere ndi Aneneri enawa.

  17. Ndiwakuba uyo mzake yesu matiki anatela kuti ,kungoti msing’anga Waiye bushiri sadafe koma akudwala ,kodi abale MDI alongo ndI zachilendo kodi izi mbaibulo zilipo analipo aneneli amasenga zindkilani nthawi ya ambuye yayandikila kalani ochilimika abale ndi alongo munthu waMulungu sangakhale ndi ontetezela moyo wake tawelengani pa Aroma 16 ves 17 mukawelenga mumdiuze

  18. Guys,its like I am leaning more from your comments.In the passage above i have red about walk-in-the-air.What does these means,how does the walking or flying in the air bring salvetion???

  19. Malawians full of jealous is he the 1st man of God 2 hire police kodi a Catholic police other church sakhala ndi a police olo a big walk akamayenda pamakha vehicle ya police. Kodi y only him should not have the Malawi police kodi if sometin bad could happen wat could u say sanapange hire a police dats y. Malawians learn 2 mind ur own business.

  20. We heard also that this on line News agency was partially or totally funded and is being supported by this MW- Mneneri Wonyenga,

    In the past miracles were for a reason under necessary conditions.
    Jesus himself walked on the water to rescue those were about to sink,he maximixed the food to reach the demand,he stopped the stom coz it was about sink the boat they were sailing in,he promised them abundant fish catch coz they complained low progress and the list goes on accompanied by good reasons.

    But now so called prophets walk in the air etc, without a necessary reason, nowadays to use a posh car is a Miracle ,they flash money to show they have it. Not coz someone is in need of it.

    Jesus himself chased traders from the Holly place with his effort ,he did not ask for security personnel deployment,he never fear death coz he new and believed that GOD ALMIGHTY was in support.

    But prophets of today fear DEATH coz truly they know GOD ALMIGHTY is not towards their plans.Hence they acquire the MW title.

  21. A real man of God is not afraid of anything or anyone so why is hiring police officers because Jesus Christ was preaching and passing through dangerous places than Mzuzu.Is he a politician that he has some enemies in certain quorters of the society?To hell with Bushiri he must choose one to be a politician or prophet.

  22. the issue is not the prophet, but the issue is how you understand the bible concerning prophets.sometimes i wonder most christians are helping God in judging others, forgetting their own daily mistakes.Be very careful when handling spiritual matters. Do not comment if you dont have an idea. Remember there was once a man in the bible by the name Uzzah who wanted to hold the ark from falling down, as he did that the guy died. So do not help God in judging others, thats not our duty. Mind your spiritual business.”THE WISE SPEAKS BECAUSE HAS SOMETHING TO SAY, BUT THE FOOLISH SPEAKS BECAUSE HE WANT TO SPEAK”

    1. If you are a real Christian you will agreed to what this prophet is doing. But if you have just take your Christianity as a tishirt you will miss even jesus himself

  23. this ar last days let the word of God be fulfilled and no one can change that but lets be strong prayers and we should read and do the word of God and God shall open our eyes and we shall no the truth about others but if we judge wat if this poeple ar in enemity and ar trying to put to shame each other wont we be blamed of giving wrong evidence if we ar not suttisfied with someone let’s not speak evil of them am not backing anybody but we can be cursed coz of the evils started by someone.lets pray 4 ourselves that God shuld open our eyes to see who ar his & those who ar not his that we shuld not sin & putting your trust upon someone you shall not believe in God bcoz evry human fails,let’s be careful and be awake coz any time Jesus is comming,4 it says first seek the kingdom of God and all things shall be added unto you,follow wat God says and you shall know the truth through the holly spirit

  24. Mh bola ngati Ali prophet wa #Mulungu’di m’baleyu coz mmmm zomwe amachita ndi zofanana ndi Eubert Angel wa ku Zimbabwe and sindimawamvetsa madolo amenewa!!!!!

  25. “Take care not to practice YOUR righteousness in front of men to be noticed by them; otherwise you will have no reward with your Father who is in the heavens. 2 So when you make gifts of mercy, do not blow a trumpet ahead of you, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, so that they may be glorified by men. Truly I say to you, they have their reward in full. 3 But you, when making gifts of mercy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, 4 so that your gifts of mercy may be in secret. Then your Father who looks on in secret will repay you.
    Mathews 6:1-4

  26. haters,most times your names always appear on the opposing side,be it political,football now bushiri.he has something and a name that is appearing in the british tabloids inu ndi nyasa yomwe has never writen about you.wether fake or real he’s doing something with his life.

  27. During Jesus’s era, never did he invite people to come and watch him perform MIRACLES. Even in his home town, he denied to performe #MIRACLES so whats all these nonsense? I dont trust this Man at all, even Simon Peter almost drawned because of little faith. #Jesus the Lord never used his powers in Vain, what will people benefit by seing him walking in the air? Even witch doctors can do that, Remember Kapoloma used to do that. So does that make made him a prophet?

  28. destroy careers?this simply shows how stupid and ignorant the writer of this story is. have you ever come across the employment act? do you know the mpssr?the police officers were on their duty protecting citizens of malawi and were paid,you think ntchito ya boma imangotha ngati ya mnyumba mwako?you are stupid,I repeat you are stupid, you are busy broadcasting false stories to get fame or wat?we have our relations in the police who were at mzuzu stadium that day on duty but are not saying something of this kind.mumafuna muzisocheletsa anthu with your lies bcoz your father the devil has been a lier ever since. its annoying am telling you and those that are siding this story take this message together. men of God are there and will always be there,like it or not.satana wanuyotu amafuna anthu asatsatile choonadi, azizunzika ndi matenda,ziwanda,kusuta kuba,kumwa. now God has sent his servant for the afflicted to be set free just as it was at mzuzu,you are condemning him,speaking every nonsense you do not know your father the devil has blinded you and is using you without your full knowledge to prevent yourself and others to get saved.

  29. Nobody can see God unless you die. How come a man of God fearing bodly death whilst his soul is protected by the Holy Ghost? This was his time to show off that he’s protected by God…. am not judging even not worthy to but atleast an example he would have shown that he belongs go God.

  30. mmmnnhh!!! my mounth z shut,my ears ipretend to be deaf and my eyes ipretend to be blind,so for dat,my coment has been reserved, only God knows…..!!!

  31. he z a fool & shame on u false prophet B &guyz dzina lake ndiloyambila( B)kkkkk eeeeiiishhh cilembo choyipa heavy man of God mpaka security kkkkk koma man bush mwandionjeza koma nde kuti pozayankha milandu pa maso pa mulungu muzapanga hire ma lawya eti oti azizakuyankhilani kkkk coz inuyo ndiwokwiya2

  32. police officers should not behave as if they are not trained that uniform presents them working in the goverment the uniform is a goverment property and bushiri is nt working in the goverment he should ve hired the G4 security.let them go home for farming

  33. what is the real insecurity concern ya bushiri?akanakhala guru la first aid mwina nkumati anthu akakomoka athandizidwe koma nanga all departments ya a police onse kukhala kumeneko including the prominent police band from Zomba. kodi ali ndi adani oophya?Pope Benedict XVI anagwa dzanali, Hillary Clinton anagwapo pamaso pa anthu, Mugabe, Madona pope John Paul adamuomberapo, George Bush adamumenyapo ndi sapato ku Iraq tsono iyeyu mukuti nchiani mpaka ma comissioners atavala ma suit nkumayenda mmbali mwa galimoto kikikikiki


  35. zauchitsiruh !! za ufiti za kuche…………………..alakwa chani apolisiwo mmetsa amakagwira ntchito imene analembedwera

  36. They have not lost their jobs,they got paid allowances,it is their duty to protect malawi citizens including Prophet sherphed Bushiri.

  37. Mmmmmm, guys with all de economic woes Malawi is passing through, why cnt we thank bushiri for giving de police something they cud feed their stomach with?

  38. Remember what one doesn’t know, doesn’t exist? Chiwerudzo cha Yehova wakumwamba. Is this not the end of the world? Mpakana security guard munthu wa Mulungu, Wat for? Does It mean that God cannot protect him? Anthufe tieni tigalamuke mmaso aneneriwa nde azibwera koma tien tisate zomwe Yehova wakumwamba akunena kuchokera mu m’buku lopatulika?

  39. Bushiri amapanga hire a police kuti amuteteze chani? mmesa iye ngati prophet ndiwotetezedwa ndi mulungu pamenepa afuna kutionetsa chani?

  40. For sure it should not amount to dismissals. it is a minor issue as compared to other issues rocking our country now. Bushiri himself is also Malawian. To err is human to forgive is divine.

  41. Bushiri ali bo, wabweletsa forex komaso ife abusiness tapanga ndalama kuno, komaso ndi ufulu wake kutenga police anapeleka ndalama apolicewo akanafuna akanamukana.

  42. You Guys r confusing us nw u say no weapon formed against you shall prosper because God is there for you tha next thing u walk around with maximum security whom r u afraid of nw Satan or your fellow Brothers.

  43. yet this country boast as to be achristian nation and you hate God’s prophets not because they have committed any crime both the police and Bushiri are God’s people and their services will not be in vain .They are not fired down but fired up afew days from now you will see.

    1. Hw possible a man of God like him need police to escort,yesu analibe ma bourdgard sono izi ndiye ziti

  44. When the real Jesus was entering Jerusalem, he had NO security guards (quoted from the bible) why he was doing his job for the sake if God. And even when he was caught by the Jews, he had no security guards as well. He was ready to receive torture & pain for the sake of God. So here i can now understand that this so called man of God (Bushiri) is a coward kkkkkk. He is NOT at all doing for the sake of God but to just gain popularity & wealth – earthly things.

  45. Hiiii pali ndalama a Police sangaimve! That police detail is accorded to the privileged. Osangoti yaviyavi mwati ndinu Prophet!

  46. God should forgive me if am misjudging the guy but i think is fake the ipad thing. En walking in da air thing his that dump, he thougt no 1 would figure it out dat it was just editing .wat a dumb ass thing

  47. xoona bushiri, simukumudziwa enani, prophet angamafunsire angamapatse mimba azitsikana ochuluka, munthu ali ndi nkaz ,akumuuzaso mtsikana kut akachotse,asanamizile kutumikila mulungu munthu akutumikila devil,if yu wana kno more ask some of his followers who used kumutumikila iye pa nkhan ya azikaz but now they have discovered that he is aforce prophet kkkkkkkk God must not taken as afool

  48. xoona bushiri, simukumudziwa enani, prophet angamafunsire angamapatse mimba azitsikana ochuluka, munthu ali ndi nkaz ,akumuuzaso mtsikana kut akachotse,asanamizile kutumikila mulungu munthu akutumikila devil,if yu wana kno more ask some of his followers who used kumutumikila iye pa nkhan ya azikaz but now they have discovered that he is aforce prophet kkkkkkkk God must not taken as afool

  49. ayi ine ndikuona kut palakwika… na ngat ali mtumik wamulungu amayenekela kulemba ma memba ake kut amuteteze kuyendanawo not polic……… en za bthde, wedding polic r hired 2 protct de plac wre zinthuzo zikuchitikira nt kumayenda naw akwat.. zomw wachitz nzangat alipandale kut akuopa kut ena amuombela so dat pipo adzavotele wina MP wakumzuzuko… ndiye walakwitsa anakapeza chochit china.. dats bein pompous nsaname.. shaaaaaaa

  50. Ndimamva chisoni with our malawian women kuli konse pasogolo ku ndale & ku church u can see 99% of comments omubakila munthuyu they r women shame o u.

  51. faka nyambwiza komwe kunansadi airport…. Mesa amazimva uHoly kwambiri nde akupanga hire maguard bwanji? Kupusa kwa maprophet ena… Nde winawe mdala yako ayichotsa veps… He he he he asova apolice akumalawi kupusa mmalo mokagwira mbava mukugadira munthu wachipembedzo yemwe akutchuka ndi kupanga zoziziswa musiyeni mulungu wakeyo amteteze

  52. Major1 wabweretsa forex last week through pipo from RSA, kumayamika munthu akamathandiza dziko! mind u paja tiri zero-aid, chuma chalowa ku account ya police komanso ma Rands alowanso. Bwanji pamenepo?

  53. Wheather he is or not man of God but khwimbi likumtsatira, ena akumukonda ena ayi. Zilingati ena sakonda akatolika, Ena sakonda Ccap,assemblies, Livingwaters, Baptist. Aliyense ali ndi zimene amakhulupilira. ena ndi aja amakagenda satana aja, so Leave Bushiri alone inuyo pangani zampingo wanu koma Major1 khwimbi nde likumutsata

  54. 1.point of correction,transfered or posting not fired,consult your dictionary Malawi24,dont mislead pple. 2.Police officers were there to provide security to the large masses that attended the crusade and I see no problem in that bcoz its their duty to provide safety and security in public gathering like that.Bushiri akanati kusakhale achitetezo coz God will provide security,mukanamunyozanso,lero watenga apolice mukuti waiwala chitetezo n’chaMulungu.Remmember the bible says usamuyetse mulungu wako pachabe.

  55. Thats why Malawi neva develop touch not my Anoited and do my Prophet no hurm.I wish u can see how Zambian welcum him,u people of little faith a generation without hope and faith.

  56. Nditsoka lalikulu kunyoza wodzodzedwa wa yehova.tiyeni timusiye mulungu akhale mulungu.ndakhala ndikumutsatira my lovely bushiri he is really annointed

  57. Anakwera pa bulu kunka Ku Yerusaremu ana anafuula ndi a kanjedza manja….singing !!!! I only saw the soldiers.. Were pple ululating kapena? I’m yet to b taught

  58. Chikhrist chimakhala ndichitetezo chokha osati pakana alonda kwamunthu wamulungu ngati ameneu.ndie kuti chikhulupiriro chake chilipati?koma zinazi abale inu nthawi yathadi ndi2.

  59. That means he dnt believe in God..cz the man of God can only protected by the guardian angel not human beings..where was his faith by hiring the police..Anthu anga akuonongeka chifukwa cha kusadziwa…akutenga za dziko lapansi ndikuphatikizapo mulungu..pajatu mulungu amene ndimamudziwa ine amakana kumusakaniza..nokhanso mukumva kuti asilikari aboma not amulungu…

  60. Tiyamikile kuti Malawi wapezeka ndi munthu wotchuka kwambiri patapita zaka zambiri

  61. Sanalipire for de hired police officers Bushiriyo???? If he paid, then palibe bvuto, chktsananj ntchitozo atamakabwera kachikena wl hire others mhdzawachotsenso mutha muona. Anthu u approved apolice’wo kuti apite (coz these constables cant go on their on), lero mwati alakwitsa, whose fault???? Leave the Major 1 alone in this, he z innocent!

  62. Akapanda kutiteteza Yehova atsilikali otiteteza avutika chabe. Plz Bushiri shame on U, why not seek the proctetion from God? Malemba akwanilitsidwa basi Abale yanga tilape time on Earth is Over

  63. Koma uyutu ndimwana wam’mudzi mwanu momuno tawonani m’mene amamulandilila anthu ku south Africa ndimayiko ena tatiyeni tisamangokamba zoyipa zonkhazokha

  64. But calling a spade ,spade .Bushiri has never said he is same as Jesus .never , and he cant be .its pple who compare him to Jesus which is completely wrong .Jesus came to DIE for us .kuti tikapulumutsidwe .
    About hiring police ,uuuh sizachilendo kunena zoona ,hw many guys hire police to guard their homes ?countless ,

    1. If u wish ,u can hire ,a pmf ,kaya a band ,or a traffic ,even a CID . Bushiri chose which department to hire ,no big deal . You hire with cash not with words .

  65. U Foolish Pple, Stop Compare Bushiri Wth Jesus. Bushiri Is Like U en Mi Komanso Anapeleka Ndalama Sanawagwiritse Kwa Ulele, Ka Funsen Abusa Anu Ngat Kwao Kulibe Alonda!

  66. Look Through Out In The Holly Word And You Wil Not Find A Prophet Who Did Like Him?Why Alwayz Bushiri Comits These Things He Hired Prominate Lowyer And These DirtyThings Kweni Kuwa Ine Mbwe Nkhulapa Waka Kuti Chiuta Wanigowokele Mweeeee And Sono Vyalema To Here About This False Prophet I Want To Here About Jesus.Namwe Wapolice Nga Mundasambire U Dnt Know Ur Condition Of Service Oky You Planted In The Air And Reaping The Whillwind Pepani Apa Mwayisangaso Kale Ntchito Kwamweneyuyu Jst Talk To Him

  67. God never sleep. Malawi police embraced themselves; where were they before they deployed officers? And where is the money they took from the man of God.?

  68. Police officers lose jobs over Bushiri’s ‘triumphant entry’ into Mzuzu
    Prophet Shepherd Bushiri designed his ‘triumphant entry’ into Mzuzu to rival the entry of Christ into Jerusalem, only his entry was supposed to be a step higher with a convoy, security and a police band so as to shut down all his critics in light of his controversial iPad gate prophecy and the walk-in-the-air stunt.

    Ironically, the prophet did not foresee that hiring the Police officers rather than relying on the protection of the Holy Spirit would destroy careers of more than 100 police officers he hired to serve as his bodyguards in Mzuzu as some got serious warning letters

  69. A police timachita kupanga hire and its allowed. Infact permission was granted to hire and to use police band. Munthu was mulungu kukhala ndi achitetezo its normal the only difference is that Bushiri can afford to pay extra personnel mwina ndizimene mukulephera ndi atumiki anuwo. Have you ever gone to some manse or bishops houses and see the fences plus watchmen, why is it like that if I may ask? I saw the pope in America addressing congress and he was not moving alone he had some men in black suits and glasses and what was that? His vehicle is bullet proof why if I may ask? Its godly when its pastors and bishops but satanic when its prophets! shame on you beasts followers.

  70. Azimai musamale paja simuchedwa kutenge aku nyengani”kukupwalani”kukupasani matenda ndi ti achina bushili but if you do and follow the word of God then you are Safe

    1. anthu sangamve olo utafa ndikudzuka kuwauza anthu kuti yesu akubwera mawa sangamve , ku LL ku bt kuli anthu amalalikila ntauni mmisika zakubwera kwa yesu koma ena mwa iwo timawayesa openga ndiye musamuuze bushiri kuti alalike zimene inu simuchita ayi

    2. Aunt Mercy Kamdende Goba of course sangamve koma ena akozo kumva,iweyo ndi mulaliki chifukwa anthu sangamve nde usiye kumusangalasa Mulungu wako koma uyambe kusangalasa anthu?pakati pa Mulungu ndi munthu ofunikila ndi ndani

  71. koma akazinso nzéru zimakuvutan mpakedi eva adakakamira kumunyengerera madala adam kudya chipaso!! akaz nomwenu mwatanganidwa apa kumamuikira kumbuyo mejalayo kkk munthu wosadziwa,samadziwa kuti sadziwa

  72. Accoding to police spoke person am grant with because bushiri he dnt have any authority of using policeman for his guading , why ?is he not in control of holly split if not not he must nit be usong our powe r for his guadise ,. I hate it pliz

  73. Komaso Nawe BUSHIRI Nde Wayaluka Bwanji,, A Police Achani? Iwe Nde Dyeratu Kumwamba Kulibe Malo Ako Ukapitiliza Zopusa Zakozi VERY SHAME TO U

  74. God is the best judge to this issue,,,, but how can a man of God needed the physical protection lather than the holy spirit fire? but am not trying to judge bushiri here coz l dont have a mandate to do so,,,today bushiri this 2 mor bushiri that well lf he is indeed the man of God ambuye atithandize but he is not a pitilize kuchitisidwa manyazi & stop pretending coz mulungu siosewelesa.

  75. None Of The Prophets In The Bible Had Bodygurds,awawa Atiuza What They Are Tryng To Tell Us Cause Akupanga Zosemphana Ndi Mawu Amulungu,people Watch Out Koma Zinazi Mudzasemphana Ndi Chipulumutso Ndithu.

  76. KUtengeka ndi za ziii apolice nanu, kukonda ndalama kwakupwetekexanipo apa iiiiiih! so u’ve lost ur jobs iyeyo wapita.. now cn u tel him to be paying u each and every month exactly az u earned?

  77. God is the best judge to this issue,,,, but how can a man of God needed the physical protection lather than the holy spirit fire? but am not trying to judge bushiri here coz l dont have a mandate to do so,,,today bushiri this 2 mor bushiri that well lf he is indeed the man of God

  78. Between Bushiri and Peter Kkkk who do you like all police said Bushiri bcz we need more money than Apartheid Malinyero

  79. iwe bushi akristu ako akuvutika.ukuyenda ndi ma bord gurd achan?pana konivo panseu wts that?yesu sankayenda ndi magurd ulibe moyo wauzim.dikila chilango cha mulungu.ndiye munjoya pana kut?

  80. Don’t look on it wit your natural eye, you will never see the difference between a prophet and a fake. It needs a strong prayer and spiritual eyes to note the difference

  81. I think the Prophets of nowdays are those who were fortold in the Bible (MATHEWS 24: 24- 26) pano maProphet ali pakushainilana/ pampikisano. Kungoyamba Upropheti kanthawi pang’ono walemela ndi ndalama zosonkha amphawi. Wina ndi Uja angozitamandila ali ku RSA kuti walemela kuposa ma President aku malawi

  82. Durin christ tym dea waz no prophhets lk we hea 2de.Y de wrld 4gt so sun?De scriptures sayz:they hear bt understund,see bt nt see t.De earth z abt 2 cm 2 an end pipo.

  83. dnt wale Edward this page is trying to buy attention from pipo…its a new page and pipo ar not fully aware of its existence, its a strategy they are using of pointing big names the likes of bushiri on a mere reason to buy recognition…dnt even waste yo time commenting on their posts..remember we r livin in the day and age of misinformation as opposed to information.they lack analytical potential, everything they hear to them is newsworthy.

  84. MONEY,Money,Money….Money has got power mpakana kuwapangitsa police kukagubila the so called bushiri…kodi ma prophet a kunja ngat achina Tb Joshua nawonso amagubila kwawoko…ndimaganiza kuti anthu ngati amenewa amatetezedwa ndi mphamvu ya mzimu woyera nde kutu mphamvuyo inamuthawa Bushiri ndi kukapanga hire a polisi..a. G4S nawonso amavuna kutetezatu a christu amantha ngati inu ..muziwapanga hire amenewo kaya ….a prophet…

  85. Iyayi guyz, Mwina inu mkumuopa prophet ameneyu. Mesa iwowo amat amatetezedwa ndi Mulungu kungot amango funa kutchuka ameneyu ndiwa china.

    1. Ana sis Agy murikudairira iii vanhu vanetsa nazvoizvi kokungo tevera chokwadi chavarikuda zvinomanikidzwa here kunamata kwaBushiri eee takodobwa nazvoizvi.. kudenga uku kaaa hapana arikuzivikanwa achononopinda…

  86. I am not judging but telling the truth….*Make certain you do not perform your religious duties in public so that people will see what you do. If you do these things publicly, you will not have any reward from your father in heaven. Only hypocrites do in the house of worship. #Matthew 6:1-4 also

  87. Because of this action for me i can say Bushiri is not a man or a prophet of God and am not judging but am telling the truth because is afraid to defend is work or the name of jesus pamaso pa anthu ndichifukwa chake analemba apolice ntchito yomuteteza

    1. Ndi chifukwa chani timakhala ndi alonda pa church chonsecho ndi nyumba ya Mulungu? Inuyo ndinu opemphera mulungu amakumvani ndi chifukwa chani mumakhala ndi alonda pa gate?

    2. Aunt Ruth Kumwenda Kalua timafuna titheteze zinthu ndi akuba,so when we’re sleep we’re praying to God a protection and when we’re work up in bed we’re prising God and when we’re praying timafotokoza nkhani zathu zonse ndi ma program athu,and God knows everything in us before we do and before we Go

  88. mukungolimbana ndi zaziiii…….ndalama ndizake, he can hire as many police gaurds as he wants. eh eh mavuto anu ndiingati? Major 1..all the way!

  89. Iyayi guys tisama sapote zinthu kapena munthu chifukwa amakulipila nyumba kapena kukudyesa ayi,of course because of action i can’t say if Bushiri is not a man of God,i hope everyone like a christian timafunika tisatile zimene zalembedwa mu bible,starting on the old testament up to new testament patipo pamene palembedwa kuti munthu anapita kukalalila nde watenga apolice,you say you’re a christian why to afraid kufera dzina la jesus?and he’s a malawian so why to be afraid? A police wo ndi osalakwa koma olagwa ndi Bushiri yo….nde munthu amena akana mangidwa kapena kufusidwa mafuso onsewo ndi amenewo

    1. Ayi Bushiri ndiolakwa chifukwa chani iyeo ngati munthu wa Mulungu akana kana komaso akana awuza kuti zimezi ndiza Mulungu sizapolitics ayi,komaso ndi mmalawi amawopa chani

    2. Ayi Bushiri ndiolakwa kwambiritu,chifukwa chani before abwere i hope he was praying about a protection to God and is the only one who can protect us every where we go and in everything we’re down,he knows everything before us so why using apolicie kumuteteza when he knows is a man of God?pamenapo nde pali (???)

    3. Abraham had three hundred soldiers and he lived with them in his house. Abraham was a prophet of God. when King abimelech took his wife God came to abimelech and said you have taken a wife of a prophet you are a dead man. I have answered your question. you go back and read where Abraham rescued lot using these soldiers. you error because you know not the scriptures. Genesis 14.

    4. Kkkkkk what am talking is this one,don’t support someone in God’s things because is helping you paying the rent or giving you the money to eat guys please be open,open your eyes what happen, Malemia Robert i hope you’re just touch the bible but you don’t understand zimene zikulembedwamo,take your bible and read nicely that verse you’re sending, ngati sukumvetsesa zimene zikulembeďwamo nde ufuse munthu amene amawelenga bible ndi ku imvetsesa akufotogoze what was happen that…Okay?and if someone give you a verse you need to read first ndiku imvetsesa after you should knows how to defend that verse,wamva mwana wakhwatu Malemia Robert

    5. So let me ask you now Mr Malemia Robert when your papa major1 was planning to come in Malawi,was coming to fight with someone or was coming to preach a message God,and you know what people was talking to much about that video of Ipad, mwayi unali umeneu kuti adefend ntchito yake ya uprophet but is doing an other mistake guys,why?

    6. I am not Bushiri’s spiritual son first of all. iam a son of Apostle Joseph Ziba. I study scriptures every day. let me ask you. why would Abraham a father of Faith as admitted by apostle Paul in Romans have soldiers in his house when he had too much faith and being a prophet of God for that matter? tell me why and tell me where in the Bible amaletsa for a Man of God to have physical protection? the second thing is You follow the life of Jesus you will discover that his disciples could restrict others from accessing him like they did with the kids. the blind man bartemeus and Peter again was protecting Jesus mpaka anadula munthu khutu. you are arguing without scriptures. use scriptures to support your arguments. The Bible is our standard. Iam not talk of Za iPad here don’t change the subject. we are talking of security at Mzuzu stadium. answer me back using scriptures. thank you sir

    7. Okay ntawi imene anadula khutu jesus anayankha kuti chani,and about Abraham was a fighter between this party and an other party,is that one ndinafusa kodi Bushiri was coming for fight or preaching a massage of God….we need to make a different between ower things and God’s things Malemia Robert please

    8. who told peter and the rest of the disciples to buy knives. it was Jesus who said they should sell everything and agule ma lupanga. Bushiri didn’t come to fight but you need to understand people become uncontrollable sometimes. maybe you have never heard of people dying due to stamped in crusades and the police are there to keep order and ensure safety so that no dies because of stamped. as for Abraham even before the fight he had been living with these soldiers in his house and some were his workers for the flocks and warriors at the same time.

    9. even churches employ azilonda even though they are houses of of God. we can’t ignore security. do you want to say churches having guards are fake churches? God has warrior angels. does does that mean God needs security, no it’s for the safety of people. the security was to make sure people are safe. Human need security it does not matter who you are

    10. even churches employ azilonda even though they are houses of of God. we can’t ignore security. do you want to say churches having guards are fake churches? God has warrior angels. does does that mean God needs security, no it’s for the safety of people. the security was to make sure people are safe. Human need security it does not matter who you are

    11. You know what my brother Malemia Robert thanks LORD for this things because ena ndi ena aseguka maso,aja osafuna ku ona they will still the blind forever…but you can’t lying to me kuti Bushiri samaziwa ma program onsewa otenga apolicie and if he didn’t know anything akanafusa what’s happen he why all this police officer in God’s things and akufuna chani,because is a leader akanaziwa zochita koma anafuna awoneke celebrate,swagger noooooo that’s wrong bro

    12. You have no love for people. if you could have seen incidents where people die due to stamped you wouldn’t be saying what you are are saying. sit down and think that large crowd inali Ku Mzuzu without control meeting imene ija siikanakhalapo. not everyone come with good motives in such meeting

    13. anthu kughana anaduwa ambirimbiri mpaka People insulted Tb Joshua for their deaths because the crowd was not controlled. imagine if someone had died in that anthu akanati chani Za Bushiri. Reputation would be at stake. anyway it has been a good discussion. You have a good day. Blessed be the name of Jesus

    14. Like you said kuti you are a son of apostle Ziba,not back koma ineyo ndi mwana wa Mulungu,sometimes nimawona mapempero amene amayika aziba pa tv sindinawoneko akuchita kuopyeza anthu kubwelesa apolicie kumapempero…olo athumiki aMulungu ena ndi ena akina poster chris,akina poster Joshua, akina benhin,akina mory cerulo ndi ena sanachiteko zimenezi because of what all those people they want your prayer they want God to make them free

    15. 1 Corinthians 4:15 -… Even if you had ten thousand guardians in Christ, you do not have many fathers, for in Christ Jesus I became your father

  90. wat!! who fired the police officers, where was he/they when the officers were being hired in the first place, who gave them a go ahead? coz the officers could not go ahead without the knowledge of their superiors. these days police officers are hired even on birthday parties, wedding, why not on a big function like that. crazy

    1. ooops! unfortunately i dont have one but its real. i have attended such kind of a wedding at college of medicine complex. hahaha u wanna believe when u see, thats a gud one though

  91. Why did God tell josephy and mary to run away with baby jesus wen herod wanted to kill the baby. Mufuna mundiwuze kut yesu sanali wotetezedwa ndi mphamvu yamulungu. Do u think the followerz of prophets doesnt read the bible God bless prophet bushiri my prophet

  92. Even the Pope has security detail, what about Bushiri?? Leave him alone and keep on talking about him. All who were in need of his preaching got what was due to them….. #zisanditopetseizi

  93. Ngati anakupemphererani inu ndikuchira,bwanji sanadzipempherere yekha kwa Yesu kuti amuteteze mu Mzuzumo?Bwanji amachita hayala apolice omwe ali anthu wamba enieni?Mprofeti wa mantha sindinamuwone. Shame to followers.

  94. Was those police officers hired to protect him or control the crowd ?A Malawi yakula ndi nsanje ndi kaduka .Ingakale nyimbo yafuko imachulamo nsanje chifukwa imadziwa kuti manyansa ndi a nsanje koopya

  95. The Tragic flaw of Dr. Faustus read this play and realise whats in the world perhaps women wil change their weak perception of the last day world (Iam also a woman though) chinachilichonse kwa azimai ambiri chimaoneka choona y

  96. Jesus have an example of fig that; If you see it shed leaves, note that rain is about. Like wise, this. Let the sleeper awake, reader be wise & watch the adventism of King Emmanuel.

  97. kkkkkkk aliyense atha kupanga hire wapolice ndipo list ya mitengo iliko ku police ko So where did Bushiri go wrong?? anavomereza Band ndani? analandira ndalama ndani? you mean the whole police administration sadziwa ndondomeko yakapangidwe hire ka ma officers awo??? shame on u

  98. Mwndseketsa kwmbiri zoona munthu wamulungu/mtumizi m’malo mogadidwa nd nd mzimu wamulungu kma akulondedwa nd apolice kkkkkkkk! Ndye kt mulibe uzimu kikikikikikiki

  99. The hiring of police officers for personal protection is a birth right and also it is legally allowed so why firing these officers…. Under whom authority was these payments were approved so as these policemen should do that work????? Kkkkkkkk DPP. Means Director of public prosecution….

  100. Is Bushiri a Malawian? So if such is the case ,why did this man of God fear while he’s aware that Malawi is a peaceful country?

  101. FF nanu muphwekesa bwanji?? civillian??? haha bola MP. mesa they r men of God?? so y….uknow wat if u proclaim yourself as men of God u must know dat PRAYER is the greates weapon for protection…**stand tall like Daniel brothers and sisters****

  102. Nthawi yomwe Yesu anali padziko lapasi sankayenda ndi ma bodyguard kusonyeza kudzichepetsa nanga izi ndi ziti ulemelero wadziko lapasi

    1. Patricia Chipeta umaziwa majini?go to the Muslim people and ask them what do you mean majini if you don’t konw them,and usatengeke ndi kuchilako wamva?because even zimene ndukuuzazo zimachilisa anthu simukuziwa kanthu and am not judge your prophet koma usamale aise

    2. Not that i wish you bad bt those who jesus himself healed died many years ago even your great-grand-pa didnt see even one of them!…be glad that ur names are written in heaven…osati bcoz bushiri man of gold wakuchilitsa!

    3. Muyiyese mizimu yonse ngati ikuchokera kwa mulungu ndipo chobadwa mthupi ndi thupi basi and chobadwa mu mzimu ndi mzimu basi

  103. Joseph mkasa once sung a song dat nyumba mwa munthu opephera mukalowa joka mudzava kulira ngat kuli maliro. This is in line with this issue dat hum u co prophet is calling for manly protection, hence doubt in God’s protection

  104. Koma munthawi yakusadziwa Mulungu analekeleladi, koma apa zafika pomujaila Mulungu nanga apa pali nzeru anthu kuluza ntchito coz akumuteteza wina? Ndikutha kuonadi kuti zamasiku otsiliza, kodi Iyeyo ma Bodygurd wo akumaopa chani ngati ali munthu wa Mulungu? Ndipo enanu mukundimvesa chisoni mumvekele man of god aaaaaaah Koma Mulungu akanakhala kuti amaweluzila2 ndithu enanu mukanalimva kuwawa dziko. Nde amene wachosesa ntchitowo awathandiza bwanji? Nanuso apolice kususuka muzilephela kulipilila nazo xool ana izi. Mwina enanu mukudabwa kuti ndikulankhula kwambiri zamunthu wachinyengou ndikumuziwa ameneu.

  105. Pakuti tonse tinachimwa ndikupelewedwa kukafika ku ulemelero waMulungu. Malembo anenetsa kuti padziko lapasi palibe wolungama inde ingakhale modzi sadzapezeka. Chachikulu tikire mwini wake Namalenga adzaweluze yekha.

    1. ndimakonda zomwe gamalieli adayankhula kuti musalimbane nawo ngati zili zochoka kwa munthu sizipita patali koma ngati zili zochoka kwamulungu palibe angaletse

    2. as for and my family bushiri is a prophet of JEHOVA no matter wat ,mukulimbana naye bwanji osamusiya bwanji wakulakwilani chani mungokamba zaiye iye sakamba zainu

    3. @ mercy munditumileko # yanu ya whatsaap muone scandal yomwe anapanga bushiri kuno anthu ena akulemelela Mdzina la namalenga

    4. lacking knowledge, don’t you know that Satan has got power to do many wonders, he tempted also Jesus… be careful of this prophets, don’t you read the scriptures?

    5. Okay ask your prophet Bushiri why he was accepting to use a police man to the God’s issue?be careful and think first because if is a fake prophet and you’re supporting him but before God is nothing…my advice is to you is you should pray to God to open eyes kuti uwone chilungamo basi

    6. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! l tik u do someting wt hm that’s why u are tokng lyk dat,shem on u,malomoti uzimukweza mulungu u are byz kukweza muthu muzako, shaaaaaa! zaulendo uno

    7. There is no man of God that this nation will say he is a true man of God never so tel me who is atrue man of God coz wina aliyense akatchuka mmati satanic , onyenga inu ndiye oona? As far as God is evolve in bushiri’s ministry akuyenela kudedwa kukanidwa thats wat the bible says ngati adakana ine ntengo wauwisi kulibwanji ouma

    8. The devil was 1nce an angel,which God wu increase such a man?dat shud be a god nt God and lucifer z da god.

    9. dont make pipo to beleave wat u beleave it wil neva hapen ,thats why some are sda ,ccap ,rc,pentecost, muslims we can not become one let us who follow bushiri have our peace ,

    10. Don Jordan Cleverlist Ally hakuna umbeya unawo ongelewa apa ila ukweli husemwa na waswahili husema kunapo moshi moto huwepo,pamene pali mphavu ya mulungu kumaoneka nde usanene anthu kuti niwambeya apana wanaongeleya ukweli wanawo uwona,believe or not your papa major1 is a cheater

    11. The devil also perform miracles and has prophets which powers r u talking about power to cheat steal or distroy the kingdom of heaven atase watch out b4 it’s too late

    12. Moses Mulima don’t about power, there’s many many different of power some people use kungonakiza anthu,don’t think aliyese amene amagwesa anthu pa mapempero ndekuti alindi mphavu ya Mulungu,ambiri amayuza mankhwala my brother

    13. kkkk ha ha ha oh ok man of God! no wonder it’s end of the world. count me out, no comment I believe in God who created bushuri


  106. Guys so mean we don’t have police brass band as of now all are sucked? We have seen police being hired ku ma shows a oimba and not loosing any job why Bushiri. Admin penapake unamajor mabodza bwanji! What we know is that some senior officials have been transferred and these transfers are normal and routine osati izo mukamba inuzo madala.

  107. Bushiri’s antics in his circus are just a mile away from total destruction. Mulungu simunthu kuti muzisewera naye,we are watching!

  108. As much as am not bushiri’s fan, I see no any problem with him hiring the police officers.It will be an issue if the police officers did this without the blessings of their superiors.Police officers are there to provide security to anybody who needs it & ready to pay the charge.For example in many weddings nowadays, police officers are hired, do they get transfered or fired? y this tym around?

  109. As much as am not bushiri’s fan, I see no any problem with him hiring the police officers.It will be an issue if the police officers did this without the blessings of their superiors.Police officers are there to provide security to anybody who needs it & ready to pay the charge.For example in many weddings nowadays, police officers are hired, do they get transfered or fired? y this tym around?

    1. so whats the use of God to a so called man of God if he cant trust in God ‘s protection but to hire 100 policemen for protection. this was just a power of showing off which a man of God doesnt have to practice.

    2. Sorry for steping here myself. At first, I was hvng the same thoughts with Pempho Masese Banda but later I understood the meaning of hiring police men. Source of security to all crew and respect to one another.

    3. Sorry ndilemba mchichewa… Apapa sizikugwilizana Mawu a Mulungu amati pali awiri kapena atatu Mulungu amakhala pomwepo…. Nd timati Mulungu ndiye mtetezi wathu… Apapa sipamayenera kukhala apolisi, zaonetsa kuchepa chikhulupiliro pa Mulungu… Ndipo amamukaikira mulunguyo kut sangawatetezere, kunena za ndalamazo nde mmmmmm

    4. Many People are still sleeping, Isaiah says; Awake awake!! Vuto lakula ndiloti anthu ambiri mau a Mulungu sitikuwadziwa…and we are relyng on our fellow human beings to show us the way. Why not putting Jesus ahead of You instead of man? Mzimu wa Ngolo ukutipweteketsa anthufe, Tikutsatila kulikonse komwe anthuwa angatikokele but th bible says in Hosea 4: 6 that My people are perishing due to lack of knowledge..this os wat is happening

    5. Henry, people at weddings do not hire police officers with “musical instruments” to protect them. If I was president I would take that as a serious insult and oh so help me God I would fire the senior who authorized such. Where in the world do you have Police bands marching for prophets? Zochitisa manyazi

    6. sizochititsa manyazi!! even Jesus himself had bodyguards! Even God knoz kuti anthu timayenda Ndi adani amene kwa nkupha kuba Ndi kuononga thus y the bible allows u kukhala Ndi alonda but vsay Mulonda wamkulu Ndi Mulungu so if u don’t kno abt the words of God keep quiet! Bushiri sanalakwe kupanga hire amaopa anthu ngati inu!!

    7. ngakhale PAPA Ali army yake yake koma amati Ndi mtumiki wa Mulungu Ndi amamutcha Ambuye ndekuti naye Ndi mtumiki wa fake eti? BWA police yake osaichotsa?? akuopa chani?

    8. this is jst envy n jealous. how many police officers instill security during games at the stadium? guyz, am not a fan of Bushiri but am getting some senses there. mind u! it was not jst a mere event, it was a big event which needed more security especially for the people patronising the event. did Bushiri do tht at a corner or he went to the OC and asked for security? its the OC who gave them go ahead permission has to be questionable. .

    9. i think the thing here is about ‘the police band’ for a prophet,, which i wouldn’t recommend if i was president anyway

    10. I agree wth u michael,police was there to provide security to the crowd,God has power to protect and safeguard,but dont forget the scriptures says,Usamuyetse ambuye mulungu wako pachabe,why do rev,pastors go to hospitals or even build hospitals.doctors cure but God heals

    11. Zikuonetsa kt iwe ndi bushili ndinu opuxa coz xukutha kuxiyanitsa pakati pa ukwati ndi Mulungu. Bushili akanamakhulupililadi Yehova ndintimawake onxe xakanafunanxo apolisi kt amuteteze. Tidziti xamadziwa kt Yehova Mulungu ndiye mtetezi? Muganizebwino ndi iweyo+bushili. Mukanamadalila Mulungu ximukanaononga ndalama pofuna chitetezo km palizina zomwe mukudalila nde muxamale…

  110. Zaziiiiiiiiii Christ is the protector not some 1 who is flesh and blood and whats the use or hiring police officers when you know that the Holy Spirit gives you ‘peace’ of heart..Tidabwepo,??

    1. Coz God Wanted To Show King Herod To Realise Dat Only God Hmself Cn Sev Some1’s Life, If It Wasnt Dat Way God Cud Hav Sent Board Guard To Sev The Soul Ov The Baby. I Thnk Av Ansrd Part Ov It

    2. Wekha ukati Mulungu adawauza….nanga iwowa ngati mulungu awauza kuti abwere kumudzi ndie akuopa chani mpaka asilikali…sakudziwa kuti palibe chida chosulidwira iwowo moyo wawo chidzapamba?

    3. even kalelo analipo oteteza even on the sabathday idont c any problm on this after all they hv been paid for

    4. Nobody can be against us for he is the one He cares for us and about joseph and Mary sanatenge asilikali when God instructed them to go to egypt,we see the act of obiedience here and thats the reason y they were not Harmed for they saw the power and protection they were under which is God’s Power and protection.

    5. Their is an illness that doctors can Heal and a curse that can not be healed except for GOD,a good example will be a headache which u cn jst take panado & relieved from the pain and their z a same illness were u can take a hundred of tablets yet not find wat u looking for which is healing and thats wen u need GOD to give you wat u have been searching for.God allows us to visit the hospitals for us to have a testimony @ the end about His goodness & wat He is capable of doing.

    6. even jesus the true son of god was hated ……..n some pple wanted him dead …..why..because he was doing good ..n got crucififed(the son of God)…do u think pple don’t wanna put a bullet thru bushiri’s head……..n u wonder y he had dat security

  111. You Guys are misinforming People. Are you sure they have ‘lost’ their jobs? They havent but they have been posted away to Mzimba, police college and police headquaters

  112. Munthu wamulungu? boardguard ? amaopa chani? pamenepa sizofusa abale masiko omaliza anthu mukupanga bizness pa dzina la yesu shame

  113. A pulofetiwa akuyenera kumvera nyimbo ya Lucious Banda yotchedwa KOLONA more especially second stanza ziwachitila ubwino, sindikudzudzula

    1. iwe taganiza bwino kodi nthawi ija yesu amagudubuza zinthu mu church ophunzila ake anapanga chani panthawi yomwe ija,anali akuntchinga azilonda kuti yesu agudubuzebe zinthu za anthu zomwe amagulisila mu church muja,ndiye uzinena zambili apa ayi zonkhuza bushiri,yakoyo siinaveke uyambileso ina,alaaaaa

    1. According to words of god mtima wanga umasimikiza za munthuyu abale ndidali muthu oipa kale langa panopa kamba ka utumiki wake ndinasithika ndipo athu ambiri akusithika even yesu athu ena akati ndiwaziwanda mungathe kunena mulimosemo km ndingot ambuye akukhululukireni chifukwa simukudziwa chomwe mukunena

  114. Anakumanapo anthu adyera okhaokha, a Police ndi Bushiri onse ndi adyera toooo much kukonda ndalama. Am not surprised at all. Kaya! Musova.

  115. ngakhale yesu athu anadana nae koma sinaone akuyenda nd ma bodyguard uyu asatipusise ndwasatanic wenwen umbon nd uja wa ipad aliyense adzingopembedza mwayekha osat kudzera mwa anthu achinyengo ngat awa,osapita bwnj ku queens akachize athu amene akunzunzika

  116. Kodi Bushiri yo anthu akumutengadi serious?Sorry lekani kuombera mmanja satana,aneneri onyenga omwe buku loyera linalosera za masiku otsiriza mmodzi mwa Iwo ndiameneyo.Ali mbwee padziko lonse adzadza koma palibe wotumidwa ndi Mulungu.Chenjerani akudyerani.

  117. Dont evn say it dat the “world wil hate u coz of me” dont misuse the word of God,both the police bosses and the so called prophet were supzd to kno dat what they did is totaly unacceptable,no 1 with his money should misuse our dear police organisation,NDAKWIYA

    1. Even Peter could hire the police when he was in the opposition when doing his stop tours. So why Bushiri today? He is not a POLITIAN. He used his money to hire cops.