Mutharika fears for his life at UN

Peter Mutharika with Patricia Kaliati

Following reports that Malawi’s President, Peter Mutharika, has included over 10 experienced senior security officers on his entourage to the UN General Assembly in New York United States of America, assertions are being raised that the President has fears for his life.

Peter Mutharika with Patricia Kaliati
Mutharika being welcomed in US by Minister Patricia Kaliati.

“Looking at the calibre and number of the security personnel Mutharika has taken to the UN, it is beyond reasonable doubt that he is living in great fear of the unknown,” said one critic who spoke on strict conditions of anonymity.

The source informed Malawi24 that among the security team Mutharika has hired is Lt. Col. Gilford Golden Chafikana, Aide de Camp to the President Mr. Owen Maganga, Presidential Guard Commander Mr. Paulosi Norman Chisale, Director of Security Services Ms. Thoko Mkwezalamba, Mr. Andy Chikwapula, Mr. Wakisa Mlenga, Mr Chisomo Kachiwala, Mr Ben Mwaliwa, Mr. Nicholas Dausi who is the Chief Government Spy and Mr. Charles R. Nkhanga.

“Just note the people on Mutharika’s security team. This indicates that our President feels so low and he thinks taking two or three security officers would put his life in danger,” added the source.

Mutharika has also been under heavy criticism for taking with him about 115 delegates to the UN General Assembly.

Over the past week, the country’s media was awash with concerns that Mutharika’s conducts are becoming more extravagant and insensitive to the sufferings of poor Malawians.



  1. Atolankhani enanu zoona mukuyalutsa president wanu choncho mulibedi khalidwe lachimalawitu inu thats the same kuyalutsa bambo wanu yemwe inu. Manyazi bwa??

  2. Munthu ndi munthu sayamika palibe president yemwe angazayamikiridwe koma kumbukirani ichi kusogolera anthu sichinthu chophweka ndipo zimapepuka zikakhala kwamzako.

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  6. Our president is just aproffessor of xul but most failure to run de nation,I wish Bikilon must die not to reach 2019 coz am tired wth his leadership,,,may cardiat arest tuk him lik his brother to Ndata,nyapapi uyu watikwana.

  7. This is incomplete story of accusation.
    This post seems to be the same old poor man’s lamentation and wailing about Malawi’s ailing tax bloody money

  8. Anthu onsewo kungokadyako ndalama zathu, Malawi ali mu ufulu wa ng’ombe wokweteza mchira, ndiye wina kukatenga chinamthindi to the Us,very Sophomoric Decision! 2019 ikupezani!

    1. mabatile akooo…!! English imakuvuta kwambiri etiii…!!! Ukati presidents security name by name, what do you mean..? Do you know the meaning of treason…? Kapolo iweeee…

  9. Malawians when will you grow up in ur senses!can u compare that malawi security with others……..kwali mweee i fear angakafe onse

  10. Malawians when will you grow up in ur senses!can u compare that malawi security with others……..kwali mweee

  11. Whats The Meaning Of Bringing Senselence Story And Every Time Munthalika And This.What If He Was Ur Father Or Were U How Cud U Feel . Hav Aknowledgement Of God And These Will Not B At Ur Toungue

    1. Munthalika deserves the worst and if he is ur uncle then its great coz I have a message for him,, Tell him he need to resign or mademo aja ayambikanso kachikena coz this aint HELL…

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  13. Pena mumangonyoza munthu …malawi needs security and those 10 are to lean more ways how to combat these so called professional thieves ….mwina kuphana and our business can be more secured….abwana ngati mwatenga anthuwo pa za dziko we say well done…..koma ngati ndizo…tikunyadilani

  14. Ameneyo afe chifukwa akuzunza mizimu yambiri.Manyowa ngati amenewa sindinawaonepo.

  15. So u wanted him to go to the UN with members of community policing? Ya niggz is bloody ignorant..he z Mr president for yo own info! Giv us patriotic sh*t nat zinthu zophweketsa Malawi.Word up

  16. Mcp mwatani Kodi? Enatu Atenga More than 20 Security Officers! Pliz Check!! Mutafe Ndi Inuyo. Mau Ambuye Amati Mwana Onyoza Kholo Lake Afe Ndithu!!! Chonde Musafe Nthawi Yanu Isanakwane. Ndakuuziranitu!!!!

    1. Munthu ukakhala kuti sukufunidwa ndi majority ya anthu kwina kulikonse, mtendere sumakhala nawo! . Nde mphoto yomaliza yomwe umalandira ndi IMFA basi.

  17. Take Abolition of Free Primary Education for instance, its Education Accessibility against Quality Education. Which is which? debate!!!!!

  18. MCP/UDF/DPP/whatsoever or not, the president is just being so cruel to his own innocent poor citizen. buy it now or later!

  19. Who would kill peter mutharika? How important does he think malawi is? Thats just nonsense. If he got assassinated. I would think it was suicide. Nonsense

  20. malawi monga mwa dzina lake alidi pamoto.wazunguliridwa nd mbwerera zokhazoka’ ngat thuthu liku4ila nanga bwanj nthamb? Jxt resign ‘n give it 2 people who hav leadership skil nt jxt havin proffesion purchased osat zolowera mkalasi*mix

  21. Ngati mukusowa cholemba pezani zina zochita izi zakukanikani company kumakulipila iwe mkumalemba zopusazi ganiza mofasa.sikoyambatu kameneka,munalembaso nkhani yandege ya ufiti mkuika heading ya plane crash.mwatani kodi?

    1. does he have children…? Amalawi open your eyes…gay samakhala ndi ana…bingu was in usa ana anabwera nawo…nde uyu ana akewo ndotani kulephera ndikubwera pamaliro a bingu…!!??

  22. Sopano peter akuthawa chani? sanasiye ngongole ku americako nthawi amaphunzisa kusukulu ya kwacha ya ku america?

  23. Koma nde ibu ku Un ibu ku Un kkkkkkk iyeyo ndamene amafuna moyo? Amalawi wasiya ndinjala kunowa safuna moyo?? Iwe MULUNGU ADZIWE NAWE CHOCHITA NDITHU. Munthu osaganiza za anthu asauka kaya zake izo.

  24. kkkkk mmene export ikuvutilamu..sangangotinyamulirako kathumba ka vyamba kuti akatitsasileko malonda…hahaha komatso amene angataye nthawi yake ndani abaleeee kumpanga assaccinate munthu wanuyu…alibechochita chani..

    1. Kusaphuzila kwa iwe kufanane ndi azako mazila ako uli ndabale angati andalama bakha iwe garu mbuzi cnt u tink kuti chipatala athu adzilipila even primary xo wat about muthu adzilemba mayexo a msce baxi kungochoka primary ukunkonda poti bambo ako anaba nawo ndalama zija zoba

  25. you guys must remember that,word has poor for real,everything we use to say,we will pay for it later on,,everytime you guys do say poor,poor poor poor,it means it will remain poor due to these unpatriotic people,go all to hell!!!

  26. each and every leader need to be guarded,so if u have nothing to post why don’t u have sometime of resting ur brains,am sure u can’t loose ur job for that

  27. The true th. Is, piter is not needed yet anymore. He is needed to stay away from malawi or dead. This is worse president in malawi. Mkulu wake anali wabwino akadali ndi mkazi wake woyamba uja, koma atakwatila kaliste ndipamene ayamba kusowa nzelu. Koma uyu aaaa no no no tisalole mpakana madzi afike mukhosi. Kukhala ophunzila si kuti ungalamule dziko ayi kulamulila dziko kufuni kuchanga muka, ufumu nso chimozi mozi, umampha anthu anzelu kufuna ufumu koma ukatenga ufumuwo ndiekuti anthu ayamba kufa ndinjala, mbala zoba ziweto zimachuluka mmudzi. Ndizimene anapanga apita. Ok kwanga kulila.

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